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©2022Joseph•Edward•BonnetteISA66:2: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word. ACTS15:9 purifying their hearts by faith. PSA51:17, Elohim, אֱלֹהִים, thou wilt not despise. 

EXPOUNDING the APOCALYPSE; & Jesus’s whole identity, Luke 24:27-&how Jesus’s death is the true beginning of Genesis. & the pictorial messages of the        Shroud of Turin. & penitential  prayers mixed with faith. With BLESSINGS by             Michael the Archangel signifier of Revelation REV1:1, & the believer’s    priest collar: clothed with the latter rain,  REV.10:1, “greater than the    former.”-HAG2:9- & the releasing of God’s life to us beginning at the           last-supper; when Jesus ate the crucified logos & drank his blood al-          ready shed in the beginning. John1:1. THE SPIRIT OF THE SON,-IN OUR HEARTS WILL CRY AFTER THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST. GAL.4:6.        

THE LEAVES OF THE TREE ARE FOR THE                 HEALING OF THE NATIONS. REV22:2.†††††† †     ††††††††††††††††††                                                    



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 ALMIGHTYPANTOKRATOR.COM: the true Melchisedec. HEB7:3

EZ16:6::: “I said unto you LIVE!!!!” 1:Father Jehovah, & your image the gospel of Jesus Christ 2COR4:4-EX24:10 begin your good work in me: PHIL1:6 &in your great love,EPH2:4 draw me to Jesus: your only begotten son:- given to save us. JOHN 3:16; begotten in the beginning first as the “SPOKEN WORD.” JOHN1:1. GOD, I will praise (Halal) your name JAH, Psalm 68:4, with a song & magnify you with my thanksgiving!PSA. 69:30; Make me receive your illumination! HEB10:32

■■■■■■ISA26:19- together with my dead body shall you ARISE!

2:Lord Jesus have mercy on me, live in me by your fervent love & zeal; ZECH13:6 -forgive all my sinsLUKE23:34 assimilate me into your crucified body= the Bright Morning Star: REV22:16: =your heart collapsed & melted like wax, PSALM22:14,&51:17; to mold in me a new, strong victorious engine! Baptize me with the divine tongues of fire. Acts2:3. Be my new food & drink & anoint me with God's armor. MATT25:4: & Pentecostal love & powerful  fuel found in JEHOVAH’S HEART! Redeem me by your abundant GOSPEL Grace by your shed blood: =the fountain now open for sin & uncleanness. ZECH13:1. JESUS, pray for me, JOHN17:20, to be born again & receive RENEWAL of my mind. 3: HOLY SPIRIT: make me your GLORIOUS temple, 1COR6:19, & crucified with Christ, & alive by his LIFE in me. GAL2:20.Grow up your Dynamic Gift in my inner soul:: that expresses & manifests your Almighty Love.1COR13!


Joe Bonnette (JOHN3:30) 763-401-0137 — text or leave a message, & please submit your prayer requests also. I’m committed to praying for others in the Spirit of supplication, Eph 6:18  Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;


IMMUTABLE ORIGIN OF THE LOGOS: MICAH 5:2= “whose origin is from everlasting.” 

Expounding the Revelation of  Jesus = Luke24:27, & the pictorial messages of the Shroud of Turin. & penitential prayers mixed with faith. BLESSINGS by Michael the Archangel signifier of Revelation REV1:1, & the believer’s priest collar, clothed with the latter rain, REV. 10:1 “greater than the former.”-HAG2:9-This book is about the releasing of new life which began at the last-supper = when Jesus ate his crucified body: the bread of life slain from the foundation of the world. JOHN 6:58. JESUS IS THE EARTH CRUCIFIED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE COSMOS = GEN. 1:2.EXPOUNDING    the APOCALYPSE; &Jesus’s whole identity, Luke24:27-&how Jesus’s death is tha

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INTRODUCTION TO 1st EDITION of “CRUCIFIXION SHOCKWAVE & THE GREAT CRYSTAL CITY: ==== It is so called first edition because it is like a CATHEDRAL under construction, so it is taking longer to finish than I had originally anticipated. The 2nd edition & even more editions will consequently be better than the former ones. 

How does one know that they are saved? There is a thought that God takes us to heaven, but heaven is his son & he dwells IN a true believer. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN YOU, whether this means one & all including unrepentant sinners, one thing is certain that God being with us serves only to make us store up wrath, if we don't know the day of our visitation. To access God means we need the ear to hear him, & all the armor & equipment to access him & stand up right in heart in his presence.

____ The agape of 1COR13 which exceeds knowledge, hope, faith & all else is the most elusive yet most essential thing to going to heaven; without which we are called nothing or simply not, as the was, (once as a holy angel had agape) but now is not, yet is, because though we have not agape meaning we're not being worked by God which is agape, his agape is still with us giving us the illusion that we are loving. All lack of having agape stems from failure to fulfill our love of money, in not having the money & wherewithal to be treated as wicked Haman wanted to be treated "as the king desires to honor." So all temperament in expression of any lack or deficit in having agape is inflamed by a selfish frustration for not having a desired amount of wealth & ease of paying bills, & so easily directed towards bill collectors or anyone that would demand entitlement to our money or remind us of our unhappy discontented condition. God tells us to be fully new as the only way to endure hardships & to content in all circumstances: so that satan cannot use our discontentment as a means to get the advantage of us.

/_____ Among the MULTITUDES of things to think about, is how did Jesus get lower than God if he came as entirely God from everlasting & same in every way? Then what happened to that aspect of Jesus that is or was lower than God? And then if John said Jesus was not yet glorified, wasn't he already glorified from the foundation of the world;- as Jesus said to the Father? Then was the glorified account of Jesus in REV1:13-16 already existing prior to Jesus being made flesh? Then did Jesus have any memory of that prior existence? Or was his recollection all what the father revealed to him? But if Jesus didn't have a real human soul, then he would have only pretended to be human. A human soul requires a beginning but not being put on the shelf after death but some proper result afterwards. So who & what is Jesus now? 

________ Was God a mean God in the old testament who took delight in our destruction? Why did it seem like he changed? These thoughts are somewhat answered in this book. 

_______ They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, & nowhere is that more true than in those images God painted in the blood of Jesus with his own finger upon the burial cloth called SHROUD OF TURIN. This very cloth which the CATHOLIC CHURCH owns according to outward appearance but really belongs only to God, & which they censor by blurry & ill kept & damaged images, & late publishing of their best ones which are on, actually proves Arius to be right & so called Catholic canon law to be wrong, because God has painted with his own finger in the very human AB blood of Jesus the summary statement in pictures what the HOLY TRINITY really is, showing it to be hierarchal rather than co-equal. 1: showing God’s image over the brain/crown of thorns area of Jesus, 2: showing the glorified body of Jesus, REV.1:13-16, over the chest of Jesus, (the pure milk of the word,) & showing the first temple of the Holy Spirit, Michael the angel, over the neck area of Jesus. The wind of Pentecost is the divine Hurricane fulfilling his word, which is also the mighty wind which fills the whole house of the universe, casting down the star’s light like figs from a cursed fig tree, which Jesus himself cursed, & rolling up the whole heavens, even as Jesus’s loving grace rolls up our sinful nature & recreates us new if we be converted to God through the new birth & bathed continually in the fountain set open for sin & uncleanness. This omnipotent wind of God was not given until Pentecost, & it’s “giving” was marked by making those who receive him, which is God’s very Spirit, NEW CREATURES. 

_______ This means the church which is truly such born again believers is then the very THIRD PERSON, because to be a person, there must needs be a body, which is represented by 6, which is also called a “temple.” There was no body for the word until the word was made flesh, (made a person,) & there was no body for the Holy Spirit, which is the word chosen in Christ the word, EPH1:4, until this same word chosen in Christ was made flesh by the coming of the Holy Spirit starting in Pentecost. No one but Jesus was in the kingdom of heaven until Jesus died on the cross, not even the angels, & so Michael did not become the chief temple of the Holy Spirit until the day of Pentecost: 50 days after the resurrection. Jesus gave a riddle saying in MATT11:11, “no one is greater than John the Baptist,” (those who have the Spirit of Elijah, which name means “my God is Jehovah,”) BUT, “he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” How can this be if John the Baptist is greatest? Because at the time Jesus said it, JUST JESUS was in the kingdom of heaven, & Jesus said “my Father is greater than I.” I will show in this book how every single Bible verse in the Holy Bible points to the fact that Arius was basically right, though I cannot say for sure if his doctrine was pure except for the famous statement that Jesus was created, etc., because he might not have grasped the concept that Jesus is “made so much better than the angels.”

______  The Bible is very exact in exalting Jesus to his rightful position, but Paul stops at saying that “GOD IS NOT UNDER HIS FEET,” for he says, 1COR15:27-28, it is apparent that God did not place himself under Jesus. 1Co 15:27  For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him. == THE WORD “EXCEPTED” MEANS “EXTERNAL,” then he goes on to say that Jesus is eternally subject to the Father. 1Co 15:28  And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. == Many want therefore to call Paul not only a heretic to his own Jewish religion but of Christianity also, because he is so explicit in his statements as to what place Jesus has in the Father. But being “heady & high-minded” is also a sin, & so many will always find a way to deny the truth of what scriptures tell us, which makes preaching or teaching like trying to argue with a narcissist or some other kind of rebellious & self serving person. The heart must be renewed WITH PURITY & HOLINESS or else “no man shall see God” Jesus & Paul says. So unless that is your design to seek God’s face & see God & become purified & renewed in mind & transformed in soul, & filled with his pure Holy Spirit, & “pure blood of the grape,” then all you will probably do is argue in favor of how you have been brainwashed by Rome which is basically the seat of satan & his “depths as he speaks.” Unless we are judged in this life, ISA1:27, we will be judged eternally in the next. 

______ Satan must maintain that Jesus is on one & the same level & of uncreated substance as THE PANTOCRATOR JEHOVAH HIS FATHER & LIFE BLOOD HE SHED, because only then can satan have the position of son of GOD, (not morning/star/logos, ISA14:12,) & turn God’s image into the body of Jesus. I will show in this book how we are “come unto mount Zion, the city of the living God, which is fat & flourishing,” & how that without the armor of God, the mediator himself which we must put on, to come unto this city “naked” on a soul level, is like traveling to a land or space  without the proper gear on or to the marriage supper of the lamb without a wedding garment. That it’s not all about our faith which knows Jesus, but if Jesus was able to know us through our words & faith: WHICH IS WHY HE WILL TELL MANY “I NEVER KNEW YOU::::” = WHO THOUGHT IT WAS “ENOUGH” BEING ABLE TO CALL JESUS “LORD LORD” & EVEN TO DO MANY WONDERFUL WORKS, WHICH IS EVEN RELATIVELY RARE TO HAVE SUCH A HUGE ANOINTING & PREACH TO & “SAVE” MILLIONS!!! BUT WERE BLIND LEADERS OF THE BLIND WHICH MADE ALL THEIR FOLLOWERS FALL INTO THAT SAME DITCH! Rather that salvation is Jesus having free & unhindered access to intercourse his church as his bride to deposit all his seed in us & grow up his church in our intercessory prayers & carrying one another’s burdens, as the care which comes upon us daily of all the churches, & being saved by child bearing, i.e. raising up children unto God & being jealous for God’s house to not let satan plagiarize or pander his deceptive leaven like pharisaical doctrine to us which is the decoy of Jesus’s doctrine, called “canon law.” This is also the ten horns of the beast, which pretends to be based on the ten commandments, but which are all powered by demons called kings, which will later destroy the whore, which “whore” is the presumption that it is all none other than the pure doctrine of Jesus. It is the whore because rather than being a “wife of Jesus,” she is deceitfully only serving herself, thus committing fornication, & imposing “wrath” to anyone opposing or else leaving her clutches. Satan & his devils all work on what Paul called “spiritual wickedness in high places,” meaning that they present a false & twisted theology, but anointed by satan’s very anointing as the “anointed angel.” Christian means anointed, so satan is able to not only “act” & “imitate” Jesus, but supply a falsely pure anointing coming as the very angel of God’s presence, Jesus Christ himself!

______ But by the same token, a word can be worth a thousand pictures, & nowhere is that more true than in the book of REVELATION, which is like the TRUE HAIL MARY which we ought to recite everyday, & to do it even more than once, even to the prejidice of the rest of the Bible is not overkill by any means, because it carries with a sanctifying anointing which gives such cleansing traction to the reading of the rest of the Bible, that to read even a few words after it, after getting the eye & mind & ear salve which the book of Revelation affords us, makes all the words stand out in the fullest understanding of it, which grows with each passing day. The Bible says that “we pass from death to life when we love the brethren,” & Jesus being our primary quintessential brother, to love him is the true fulfillment of that verse, without which love for Jesus, all our so called “love” for one another is merely considered to be “the wrath of our fornication” in the eyes of God. So seeing without loving Jesus, we are big zero with all our time wasted, since 1COR13 says that without love we are “nothing,” or “not” as it is said of the beast, (though he was once something because he had love before he was fallen,) it therefore goes without even saying, that if we do not love the BOOK OF JESUS, which is REVELATION, then we are definitely NOTHING. Jesus who is the word was all about words, & says “take with you words & go unto God,” & “I have come for your words,” & “if you love me feed the sheep,” i.e. with WORDS. Many will claim that the warning at the end of Revelation to not add or take away is referring to the WHOLE BIBLE, but that is not the case. The book of Revelation stands alone, & to add or take away is contingent on how we preach & teach the truth of it to others: as we can add to revelation by leaving it to grow over with the weeds of the opinions of sinners, & the lies of devils, or take away from it by failing to exalt it as the ultimate & most summarized authority of all truth in world; — though it works hand in hand with the rest of scriptures, which it SHOULD DO, or else the Bible itself is breaking that very warning! 

_______ God has controlled & interceded in our behalf to make sure that what is written in the small library of the other 65 books of the Bible is all truth, & all essential to our learning in order to receive abundant salvation, though there be certain areas, especially in the gospels which seem curious as to how they might fit together. There are so many places which Atheists & other critical thinkers have taken note on, that to pick out one would be like mentioning one particular ray of the sun, & so I rather focused on explaining in this book what makes sense to me, & you can if you want look up on google how people think the Bible contradicts itself or is flat out in error. I have taken it more of a challenge to draw nearer to God to find out from him exactly how & why it was all written as it was, than to simply conveniently reject it as fraudulence, as so called Atheists do. One thing is certain, that the books of the Bible, as it turned out, get the most coverage & attention by the world than any authors have ever gotten or ever will get, so for that reason alone there should be some form of respect for it. But to want to sell my ebook or in hard copies only to make money would mean that this world is the only place & time I will ever find existence tolerable, because I would be headed to eternal hellfire for my selfish motives of not caring about the reason & intention of WHY I want to sell copies of my book: when only God’s purpose matters. ROMANS 8:28. 

______ But to exalt yourself over others in your own imagination doesn’t make it so, & if it were so, it might be more a tragedy than a blessing to others. Pastors know that if it were not for their following, they would not have any pastoral status, & so if they are not serving God in their hearts, they covet their own “position” the same way any common sinner covets their position in a worldly company, & so like a male lion, will kill off their own children/members if necessary in the form of defamation or excommunication in order for their parishioners not leave them in favor of someone else. But for the true children of God, when they are pastors, having a following is not the primary focus but whether or not we are following Jesus. It’s not about who follows US but who follows JESUS. The Rapture itself is the end result of following Jesus, because when Jesus thrusts in the sickle to harvest his personnel for heaven, he will lead the way & leave this world with the true Christians. He will continue being “with the world to the end,” but in a more limited way, which will cause God to reign over all sinners without their mediator, & that is why they will receive the mark of the beast & suffer so many plagues, because Jesus is no longer interceding for them for God to preserve the earth from meteorites, & hellish plagues of locusts, & demons buried like in the great river Euphrates. God will give sinners what they deserve as sinners, because their mediator whom they did not love enough to know, so he can also know them, has left off covering them, & so those who get saved, must do so with a bare faith only, which will be a big challenge for those who “did not like to retain God in their knowledge” while times were easier. ROMANS 1:28. 

_______This not liking to retain God in their knowledge is the condition of all who exalt Jesus to the place of the Father, & call Jesus God in the ultimate sense as the speaker of the logos & not merely as the logos. Jesus did not beget himself & speak that word which made him God, but it was his Father only who did that, who is the Elohim which makes God the identity of his son, & of all his very creation: which is “good,” meaning, “God,” if it is sanctified by the word of God & prayer, Paul says. H430 (Strong) אֱלֹהִים ‘ĕlôhı̂ym, el-o-heem’ Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: - angels, X exceeding, God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty. ____ It seems bizarre for it to say God created the universe then for it to describe God as EVERYBODY & EVERYTHING! Unless it means God is the life of all persons & is the force in us, which contributes to his creation. This makes God the WHOLE TRINITY, though but 1 (אֶחָד = ‘echâd ekh-awd’ A numeral from H258; properly united, that is, one;) solitary God, who “knows no other God:” WHICH ISAIAH REPEATS IN AT LEAST 5 VERSES.

 Isa 44:6  Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

Isa 44:8  Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any.

Isa 45:5  I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

Isa 45:14  Thus saith the LORD, The labour of Egypt, and merchandise of Ethiopia and of the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over unto thee, and they shall be thine: they shall come after thee; in chains they shall come over, and they shall fall down unto thee, they shall make supplication unto thee, saying, Surely God is in thee; and there is none else, there is no God.

Isa 45:21  Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me.

_______   He is God the Father, Son, & church, because to say “son” refers to the temple of logos, & so the THIRD PERSON would by the same reasoning be the church, because we as born again are the TEMPLE FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT. But there is a “GODHEAD” TO THE TRINITY, because as the LOGOS IS GOD, who is the son’s identity, the HOLY SPIRIT was chosen in Christ the logos, EPH1:4, as the identity of the church. This “GOD IDENTITY” of the church is also our salvation & very righteousness, & is the reason we are able to be transformed into new creatures. God knew us before we were shaped in iniquity as PSALM 51:5 says, & so we like Jesus have a glory we had with the Father from before the foundation of the world, when God knew us as perfectly sinless. This is how we can pray “restore us to the joy of our salvation,” when many had never had joy in this life, which is a fruit of the Spirit. Otherwise PSALM 51 would only be for those who are backslidden, & then what prayer did they pray before that? Just as Christmas was not the beginning of the begetting of Jesus, PENTECOST was likewise not the beginning of the church, though it is when the church which was chosen in Christ was “made flesh,” to be the bride of Jesus. 

________ There is obviously a possibility of being separated from our life in our blood who is God, LEV17:11, even as Jesus suffered beginning in LUKE22:44, & which satan himself will suffer eternally. ISA14:10. When he becomes weak as we, this will be the final stage of the man Christ Jesus shedding his blood, GEN9:6, & it is the very definition of damnation, called the second death. This is what Jesus suffered on the cross, “tasting death for every man,” but had to do it without sin, or else Jesus would have suffered it forever, & could no longer call “more than 12 legions of angels.” This is why Jesus spent his whole life praying with strong crying & tears to be delivered from “death,” i.e. SEPARATION FROM GOD ON THE CROSS! But the Catholic church has made us think Jesus was only worried about the pains of dying a physical lamb-level death for us. But ISAIAH 53:10 says that THE SOUL OF JESUS IS THE REAL SACRIFICE FOR SIN. Jesus’s physical blood was shed for our healing, which entailed his whole humanity, as he died eternally as “what he WAS,” because he gave it to us, i.e. his humanity: which is why God says “I am the beginning & END,” meaning the end of the life of Jesus as a human after he began as a human, but is now the BRIGHT MORNING STAR: the pattern of all angelic life forms & made so much better than the angels, that he is one of a kind. Jesus is a whole new & ultimate life form than when he was only human, & when satan saw him on Patmos, this was so maddening to him, that he did everything possible to make sure that John would sabotage the promoting of his existence by instead sinning by admiring how the devil feeds off of the blood of the saints & martyrs, & by worshipping angels, even after getting rebuked & forbidden to do so. Some Bible translations like easy English would be good if they were just offered as a possible opinion & essay on what they got out of their first impression of reading the Bible. Then it could be rather inspiring in some areas. But when it claims to be a REAL BIBLE VERSION, then it falls very short when instead of saying, “I wondered with great admiration,” it merely says, “I was surprised.” Then instead of the angel saying, “wherefore did you marvel?” It says “why does that surprise you,” or “don’t be surprised.” Anything which can shed more light on the nature of Jesus should be extremely studied & focused on: & on the nature of the ministry & purpose of the apostles & how satan was able to set up Babylon the great, the Vatican. Churches shouldn’t evolve with the times but grow in grace & in knowledge of Jesus. 

________ There is no mention of HIS EXPERIENCE ON PATMOS in any of his letters, such as 1,2, or 3 JOHN, though we know he was there, because psychology reveals it to us in the words, “we will be like Jesus when we see him as he is,” meaning it is a way of ADMITTING HE SAW JESUS ON PATMOS “AS HE IS” IN REVELATION 1:13-16, etc. Why John couldn’t have thrown us a bone in any scrap of added information, traditionally has been ascribed to “GOD DIDN’T WANT HIM TO,” but really is God going to forbid freely sharing Jesus when SATAN HAS ALREADY BEEN CONQUERED, & so there’s no longer a need for parables? God wrote Revelation in simple words in order for us to get the anointing from it, & use it for “topic bullets” for preaching, which is how God saves sinners. But the ACTUAL AUTHOR of it, (John= the accredited tool by which God’s hand penned it) could have given us an added eyewitness account of it, unlike we who can only get the whole picture of it, & how it was written by seeking God to explain it to us. But we are saved by grace & therefore all we do is because of grace: because just as we cannot save ourselves, we cannot have the wisdom of ourselves to ask for wisdom or to control our own lives. The world would indeed run off the hill like the pigs into the sea, if God did not utterly determine to restrain us by his grace for the elect’s sake! If it were not for the purpose of saving some, God would have no reason to continue with life in this present world. 

_______ The biggest misfortune of all time is sin. To just simply throw away your precious life, with your sharp two edged sword like mouth being dulled & manipulated by hateful demons & everything else lead about as though you are their sister & spouse, & tearing down your own house with your own hands as your “consent” which makes you culpable to God’s estimations, makes whatever outward blessing you might inherit as a child born into this world as worthless & something God will make you pay for also in hell’s torments. Had Jesus not made his sacrifice, he would have been forgotten under the great mound of historical knowledge as the most unpopular video or webpage on the internet will never get a single or even most fleeting view of any kind! It is by the anointing that the yoke of satanic oppression is broken. It is by the sacrifice of Jesus that we have a saving anointing by which our words can pierce the hearts of sinners, & be found by them who did not even seek for it. Satan & his fallen angel the beast & his false church which is Catholicism is seen with seven heads, in the vision of it God gave to John, but when we see them in their actual mugshots, they are only with one head. This is like how when Dorothy went to see the great wizard he had lots of effects, but when the dog pulled aside the curtain of his temple he operated from, he was only one small man. So when we will see the devil, he one small pathetic imp & ultimate fool, who as it were did a hack job on his eternal soul out of some fleeting, howling idea that he wanted to be like the most high Jehovah. The one below him in original rank, Michael, is like God, (which is what the name Michael means,) & so is everyone in God’s kingdom is like God! So sin makes us the greatest of fools, dropping our bone in the water to jump in to get the reflection of it! Except satan didn’t know jumping in would mean jumping into the lake of fire. REV20:10. 

________ Sinners leave the frying pan of the work God is doing on our hearts, only to jump into the fire itself! They forsake their own habitations which is in the word of faith which would purify the heart. It is troubling to contemplate if being in the shoes of satan while he was still holy, called “Haylale” in ISAIAH 14:12, if I would done the same thing or not. It is always easy to just simply “sue God” with PSALM 51:5, “I was shaped in sin,” i.e. which God did because of the fall of Haylale, so this claim God teaches us to use, sues God for the settlement of salvation. But how many sins have I done since which were not covered under original sin, but simply what I myself did? Wouldn’t that mean that I too could have cast out a third of my associates & comrades if I were able, to simply satisfy some insane whim that it would make me the greatest & best of all time? But being unable to commit sins of a tyrant just because I don’t have that political office, or being unable to commit great sins of selfishness just because I have so little material wealth, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. After all, when the Lord gave me the chance to seek his face with fasting & prayer in the ease of not being encumbered by the cares of the world, didn’t & rather walk after my own lusts & become obsessed with fulfilling the desires of the flesh? Didn’t I rather act as a common beast seeking a mate & trampling the son of God under foot like a Catholic while at the same time still owning his name, though I were dead as the church of Sardis? Wasn’t time the great wealth & true riches which I have squandered as though I had a million years guaranteed by the written oath of God? Why then would I not also be a tyrant tormenting my own people, or hoarding all the money in the world, if I were given the chance? How can I guarantee I WOULD DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO if I were but given the opportunity? By not despising the day of small things, & being faithful in a little. 

_______  So the SEVEN HEADS of satan is the PRESENCE OF GOD he brings to the world, but it is all RUN & OPERATED by his REAL APPEARANCE which is the SOURCE of his doctrine: which is the software program running the hardware of that anointing he has. The head which gets “wounded to death” is the pope of that time, which is above all the other heads: so the beast himself does not appear to get wounded. This is why satan & his angels & servants are said in REVELATION to be “full of names of blasphemy,” because what blasts God’s fame more than to have God’s power but governed by another source than God’s image which is the GOSPEL OF CHRIST, HIS ANOINTING? 2COR4:4. All the names of those under satan are blasphemous to God. God will recover his honor when he throws them into the lake of fire, & torments them forever with all his almighty power! Satan’s doctrine is cunningly crafted that it might please many people, so it is called “universal,” i.e. “Catholic.” It is also the source of all the abominations of the earth, & so it favors the pleasing of those who are most like the devil, who have a bloodlust in them. A parasite cannot live if it devours all, all at once, so satan must have the world divided into first & third world: one is the food for the great parasite satan, & the other is those who sit idly by & do nothing for those who are getting devoured, so they can serve the devil as the PRESERVATION of his “cake” so he doesn’t eat it all at once, because satan’s bloodlust is so insatiable, he like God, says “the nations are but a drop in the bucket, & Lebanon is not sufficient to burn.” Except God is so truly infinitely greater in his desire for showing mercy & having a people who is able to be loved unto eternal life, that he says it on account of his super infinite love that creation as such now, cannot be sufficient. Only when we are in his son, who is the only acceptable kind of son to God, can we be found sufficient to satiate God’s inner heart which is his kingdom. Jesus said this kingdom must be in us, which means God’s heart in us. God’s heart is so boundless & elaborate in all it’s ventricles & channels & flow of his blood which Jesus shed for us on the cross, that it is a whole kingdom, universe, heavens, & world without end or end to the increase of it’s government. 

______  Firstly Rome’s pinnacle doctrine, which makes Mary need to be intercessor & worshipped as the vicar of Jesus, is making Jesus take the place of the Father, so that preaching the gospel is not preaching God’s image, as Paul said is the ONLY BLESSED GOSPEL, but Babylon’s preaching of the gospel ONLY MENTIONS JESUS AS THE FINAL LOVE, RATHER THAN MERELY “FIRST LOVE.” This they say is the image of God, i.e. the body of Jesus. Preaching Jesus is the highest form of idolatry if it does not lead people to know & love the Father, but leads them only to worship a false image & teaching of Jesus. But this teaching which makes Jesus take the place of the highest which had no beginning, pleases the Christians who cannot accept a lesser Jesus who is only a minor prophet, & they also cannot accept a Jesus which is made incalculably better than the angels, HEB1:3-4, so they must have a Jesus which is not made AT ALL, so that satan himself is the “beginning of the creation of God;” & therefore their father. Because if satan is the son of the morning, ISA14:12 & Jesus is GOD THE PANTOCRATOR, i.e. not GOD THE SON WHO IS THE LOGOS, MEANING SOMETHING SPOKEN BY GOD, then that makes satan the son of God, & our everlasting father, not merely the father of our sinful nature which is made temporary due to the sacrifice of God’s son for us. ==  So for Rome’s Christians, (most of which think they are not associated with Rome,) Jesus is none other than the Almighty PANTOCRATOR Himself, who (they say) alone is holy, & alone is the most high: which is the prayer Jesus & Moses said about the Father only! REV15:3-4. The mass is really the corruption of REV15:3-4. Rev 15:3  And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

Rev 15:4  Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? FOR THOU ONLY ART HOLY: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest. HEB10:29 says Jesus was sanctified (MADE HOLY) by his own blood, meaning by his OWN Father: who is his blood, that is, life. LEV17:11. —— Notice it says sinners will worship God when God judges them in this time of grace, rather than in the last judgment: which is why judgment must first come to the house of God, or no one in the world will be saved either! ISA1:27. 

_______ This false understanding or profession makes Jesus utterly as imaginary & non existent & utterly denied as making Mary into WHO & WHAT JESUS IS! This gives satan the right to seamlessly “creep in unawares,” & bestow his anointing upon us without the admitted culpability of anyone personally praying to the devil for it. Any door we leave open for the devil or his angels, HE WILL TAKE IT & FORCE HIS WAY IN TO MAKE MORE OPENINGS. There is no devil who will come appearing in his true colors unless the power of Jehovah, the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH, makes him cry out & show their wickedness & despair as Jesus made the devils to do. Jesus said that he cast out devils by the finger of God. LUKE11:20. Babylon becomes the habitation of devils, because God will reject it as a place where he will save his people, & the “angels” OF ROME have always been devils who appear as angels, but it will “become” the place where any true angel will not venture to save God’s people still in it, as God says, “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE.” As the time of Jacob’s trouble draws closer, like getting to the end of the assembly belt where the shredder is, all God’s people must get out of Babylon, as the end time “EXODUS.” The first leaving of Babylon is in the heart, as backsliding begins in the heart so also does repentance & deliverance. To have a strong heart means being governed by God even as having a weak heart means being domineering & controlling. Satan doesn't care what we dominate as long as we're lost. 

_______ The low level sinners go to hell "FOR SURE," but there is also the high level sinners in high places, who bump up against the glass ceiling of canon law which Rome has imposed on the whole world as the foundation & mother of all deception since the time shortly after the death of the apostles, which is why they claim to be established by the apostles. The glass ceiling satan has made is like the ULTIMATE BARRIER which all people are forbidden to cross over, which is why Peter warns that the righteous are scarcely saved, whilst there is abundant entrance available just beyond the rainbow of the glass ceiling. Jesus said many would think they knew him, without knowing they have been forbidden to ever know Jesus in an explicit & candid way, calling it heretical & blasphemous to do so; not realizing it is only so to the devil who is eternally jealous over Jesus’s victory & our hope of eternal intercourse with him in heaven & earth. Satan was made to be the bride of Jesus as well as his son, (which is all comparative terminology unlike our earthly experience,) & so satan is extremely secretly horrified at the soul mutilation he did to himself in cutting off all chances at having that form of marital relations he would have had, which are not like the human kind of it, but of an advanced nature we do not understand, which reproduction is on a much higher level than making copies of himself. Our own reproduction is contingent on the blessings of angels, which is why each child has a guardian angel: so though they assist in making sure we reproduce, they themselves do not reproduce, but can fashion artificial means to do it. 

_______So the pillar of Catholicism is all the words of the mass, which like the so called “critical mass” which leads to a nuclear detonation, the mass leads to the final “detonation” of REV13:14 in which the 2nd beast, the final pope, turns the Lord’s supper into a mere mark, as if improving on it, & making it into a one time event. But they do not know it is not the body of Jesus, but that of his Father: which they are forbidden to take as sinners on this earth: == whether converted or unconverted. The mass makes Jesus into an unbloody sacrifice by eclipsing his Father, which was the definition of damnation itself to Jesus, & which death he prayed his whole life with strong crying & tears to be delivered from. So when Jesus was made into the most high God on the cross by the devil’s testing of him, because God made Jesus to be sin for us, & all sin wants is to take the place of God, this was the ULTIMATE SUFFERING for Jesus, greater than all his carnal sufferings by an infinite measure, being the shedding of “HIS BLOOD,” i.e. “HIS FATHER,” who is the life of all blood, LEV.17:11, so that when when we make his soul our offering for sin, ISA53:10, we will see our seed, meaning that we will save souls, making eternal children unto the Lord. The 144,000 of Revelation is but a symbolic number correlated to the measurements of the New Jerusalem: & is in fact the “great multitude no man can number” which is mentioned directly after the 12 tribes, which names is the summary story of the life of all true believers. 1-JUDAH: “he shall be praised, shooting out our praises like arrows to God which hit the bullseye of his heart.” As sin means to “miss the mark.” 2-REUBEN, “behold a son;” as this makes us born again unto the Father. 3-GAD. “a troop;” as that makes us attack the devil & his armies & producers the spoils of that war which is the souls satan has stolen which become the Lord’s. 4-ASER, “blessed;” which means happy, because God makes us walk straight on the narrow path & make progress in him. 5-NEPTHALIM, “wrestling;” as Jacob wrestled with the angel & prevailed & so God changed his name to Israel. 6-MANASSES, “forgetting;” as Paul said “forgetting those things which are behind.” 7-SIMEON, “harkening; a rock or stone:” as Peter harkened to God telling Jesus he is the Christ: & for this cause Jesus said that he is the rock of the church. 8-LEVI, “joined;” as this makes one “joined & jointed” unto Jesus as “members of his body, flesh & bones.” It does not say blood because his blood is God his Father, so that we are joined to, reconciled to God, by being “new bottles” i.e. fit vessels for his Father to be our blood, which is the shed blood of Jesus because his Father is the life of all blood. 9-ISSACHAR, “reward; there is recompense.” This is associated with the word NASA which means to “lift & carry away,” as in the ascension & wages as the fee for “passage money:” to heaven. 10-ZABULON, to be “exalted,” & honored, as the King honored Mordecei, & to inclose & reside & dwell with & in Jesus & for him to exalt us by giving us his same Spirit. 11: JOSEPH, “let God add unto me,” as a prayer, & “JEHOVAH HAS ADDED,” as a promise & confirmation. To be joined to the unlimited infinite God JEHOVAH through his son, & to invite all who will to come unto his marriage supper in heaven. 12: BENJAMIN; - “son of the right hand,” as Jesus at the right hand of God, & “son of good fortune.” Jesus said that there is no one who leaves all to the preach the gospel who will not be added unto all the wealth both worldly & spiritual which God is in his possession. God calls his people his very jewels, & gemstones: who are in the uppermost room & place of God’s vault like heart, keeping us safe in his secret place. And Paul asks “how shall not God with Jesus give us all things?” Can we have something which is worth all, & yet have not enough which is worth less? Can a person have a pearl of great price & yet live in poverty? 

________ They say “salvation to our God, & to the Lamb,” because as God is “our salvation,” like putting money into an infallible bank, the description of the NEW JERUSALEM is the place where all salvation is issued by God as his Royal decree that “they shall be saved.” The measurements & aspects of God’s city 144 cubits according to the size of the angel, (not man’s,) is the destination of our salvation through Jesus’s grace, even as there is more than 12 apostles but even more than 12000 times 12000 possible apostles, so there is even more than 144,000 saved persons. The shape of the HOLY CITY is the SOURCE & FOUNDATION of the structure of the earth, so that when the New Jerusalem, (the star of David & Bethlehem,) is hid from the world in the great tribulation, ISAIAH says the earth will totter as a drunkard. As it’s four corners, which means secret places, & places of prayer, the 12 foundations are not only for the 12 apostles, but for all who are “sent” by the Holy Spirit to testify by the ministry of angels in the churches. Our testifying is always because of & by WHAT JESUS HAS DONE IN US, AS DELIVERED BY HIM FROM THE FATHER. They are all virgins & not “defiled with women,” meaning they are made into “chaste virgins to Christ,” & the world or it’s people were not able to make any lasting & permanent defilement upon them, because the blood of Jesus is an open fountain in which we as believers can continually bathe & be washed in. Jesus calls his followers Jews, so that Christianity is the continuation of the old time Jewish religion. Now there shall be also a greater glory than in old testament, which was a very great glory, because it was not overshadowed by the false doctrine of the devil, as God’s glory is now in the new testament as long as Babylon is not fallen. REV18:1-3. 

_______ But in every mass, Jesus is falsely honored as the perpetually crucified one. This doctrine of the Catholic faith is the trojan horse of all the false doctrines, which making Jesus “begotten from everlasting,” not in the beginning, makes Jesus by sheer logic never begotten but simply a split personality of the Father, & so now it can be said that “no son did ‘God’ (i.e. by whatever name you call him) ever beget.” Then because it is all the same to Jesus as saying God has no son, & Jesus therefore is nothing but an imposter, this pleases the heathens who reject Jesus name, person, idea & all. Then because making Jesus into the Almighty Jehovah, this pleases the satanists who can then see their god as the very son of God himself (& therefore the power thereof) rather than only the son of the morning. ISAIAH14:12. Then because this allows the devil to send his fallen angel the beast to sit in the temple of God showing himself to be God, this paves the way for the final pope to officiate that mass in which the mark of the beast will be given as the ultimate ash Wednesday mark upon the forehead or right hand, saying that it is the mark of Jesus the MOST HIGH PANTOCRATOR: & require all to agree that Jesus is so, or else do as Jesus said, & bring them to him to slay him in his presence by beheading. LUKE19:27. REV. 20:4. There is no evil which can not thrive in the world when the Biblical truth of who Jesus is, becomes disjointed, like the crucified bones of Jesus, by this false & pinnacle doctrine of the catholic church’s so called “faith.” 

_______  GOD IS THE ONLY POWER, ROM13:1, so that is why when it is taken from the devil, we will narrowly look at him saying ARE YOU BECOME WEAK AS WE? So his seven heads is really the seven main world religions, which like 7 main branches all have many smaller sprouts called sects & denominations: BUT THE TRUNK IS THE CATHOLIC FAITH. These are the “harlots” God says that Babylon, the Vatican, is the producer of, called the mother of all sin in the world, because she is the “seat of satan,” who alone is the source of sin, called the “evil one.” They are called “harlots,” though outwardly against literal harlotry & lewdness, because their “fornication” is in their manner of fellowship: which focuses on themselves rather than on their husband Jesus. This is why it carries with it a “wrath” for those who will leave it once they become entangled with it. Jesus would never condone such tactics, but teaches us to be “gentle to all men.” God uses sexuality in it’s many aspects as a means of comparison to spiritual things, because sexuality itself is made in the image of God & in the manner his interactions. So the Greek word fellowship sounds like coitus, & the God calls being without Jesus as our covering, as “the shame of nakedness.” This is why Laodicea didn’t know they were naked, because their nudity was of a spiritual kind which was void of having Jesus for their wedding garment. Though we will always have Jesus for our covering, our need for him to cover our shame will not always be necessary once God finishes his good work in us at the marriage supper of the Lamb, for those who are called unto it. And the reason they couldn’t tell they were naked of having Jesus, though otherwise professing him with great zealous works, is because needing Jesus is a divine conviction of being called out of the world: & a personal NEED for Jesus which only God can work in us. Jesus said, “with desire I have desired to have this supper with you,” because a true DESIRE for Jesus is what makes us worthy of him. Sure, many desire to be delivered from hell & desire the anointing Jesus gives, but to desire JESUS HIMSELF is the mark of his BRIDE ONLY: as how Joseph of Arimathaea “CRAVED” the body of Jesus, which is why we have his image on a burial cloth. A true Christian is “in the world but not of the world.” A true Christian will want to purify himself even as Jesus is pure. This entails a certain very diligent self examination, which makes us want to deny the self & take up our cross, our fellowship which bears their burdens, to then follow Christ. 

______16JUL22, ___ The god of this world satan who goes by the names of 7 main world religions is so "falsely merciful" he can appear as the angel of God's presence, Jesus, & save (unto himself) anybody under the most thin conditions that we can profess & accept any doctrine which is not that of Jesus: - because of failure to examine ourselves to see if we be in the true faith & if we sincerely love Jesus. To humble ourselves under the "mighty hand of God," means his WORD THE HOLY BIBLE, because "hand" implies writings. If what SPIRIT WE ARE IN does not match up with SCRIPTURES, (our script we must play a role in) then it means we are not of God who is the "AUTHOR" OF SALVATION. What would it take for some of us to realize we just don't have any of the love of 1COR13 either in us or functioning in us? Perhaps we are pouring out TRUE AGAPE like outer space pours out galaxies & stars & planets, but we don't have any faith which that same divine love who is God himself, can make use of & "work" as Paul says. GAL5:6. Satan is called the anointed angel, but he has no fruits of the Holy Spirit which he has to show. People think that just having an anointing proves salvation: but if that were so, SATAN is still saved! He still has his power, & Paul says "the gifts & callings of God are without repentance" i.e. without revocation. If people are using their ANOINTING as a gage to see if God rejected them or not, then satan is right when he told Eve, "you will not surely die," BECAUSE HE WAS BY THOSE STANDARDS NOT DEAD! If you test out the waters of sin to see if it kills your talents or anointings you got from God, you will find out you still have all your same talents & anointing & THIS PUFFS UP MANY PASTORS WITH PRIDE SO THEY FALL UNDER THE CONDEMNATION OF THE DEVIL, & IT LEADS MANY ASTRAY!! Jesus will call many WONDER WORKERS WITH GREAT ANOINTING "workers of INIQUITY," because they like the devil used their anointing to deceive people & waste their time, encumbering the ground. But Jesus said "many will seek to enter in" even diligently with tears & not be able! God can be a two-edged sword & be life unto life but also death unto death.

__ We can be an appliance, (a professing member) but either be a broken one that can receive all the electricity in the world yet not work, or else not have ENOUGH power to function according to the Christian script of the Bible. Jesus cursed the barren fig tree, threatening to remove it's candlestick (it's church status) out of it's place, because we didn't love our quintessential brother Jesus, & so couldn't successfully pass from death to life. When Jesus looked for figs, though it wasn't even the season, (so it had an excuse,) Jesus still cursed it. He said he (as king) has the power & right to reap where he has not sown. Yet how often is it supposed that any excuse of not being able will acquit us? Usually that is the case, but Paul, ROM11:20 says, "be not high minded but fear." The angels who fell were cast out by the devil it says. It also says "they sinned," but in what order? And why did satan need to cast them out of holiness if they already were unholy? And if satan as the "son of the morning," ISA14:12 has that kind of power, what power does our "everlasting Father" have, who is "made so much better than the angels?" To know Jesus is not enough, but we also must be known by Jesus: which is the equivalent of God raising him from the dead, but Jesus doing it unto us in our death in our sins: raising us unto newness of life. Our sins is the life of a sinner & so called our "blood," (for the life is in the blood, LEV17:11) so God says in EZEKIEL 16:6, And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live. ___ IF GOD SPEAKS, THAT IS THE CREATION POWER OF OUR NEW MAN!! WHEN GOD SPEAKS, HE IS CREATING. = The name Jesus means JEHOVAH IS SALVATION. "he will save us from our sins." Jesus has the Spirit of ELIJAH:: which name means H452 Original: אליּהוּ אליּה

Transliteration: 'êlı̂yâh 'êlı̂yâhû

Phonetic: ay-lee-yaw'

BDB Definition: Elijah or Eliah = " my God is Jehovah" or " Yah(u) is God"

___ PSALM 91:14::  Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

___  MATTHEW 1:21.=  And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. 

____ The first sin on the list Jesus gives us & quite possibly the only universal description of sin, because all sins force us to be "self attendant" as hell's fouled waters, EZEKIEL 34:18, is under the verses  IN THE WORD "DENY." ====

MATT16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 

Mar 8:34 And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. 

Luk 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.


__  G533  ἀπαρνέομαι, aparneomai, ap-ar-neh'-om-ahee

--- to deny _____ to affirm that one has no acquaintance or connection with someone. --- to forget one's self, lose sight of one's self and one's own interests.

____  Satan being so "lifted up by his own beauty" EZ28:17, - has flattered us all with a false salvation, to make us mistake "peace in sin" with "the peace of Jesus." Even when we are totally extroverted, the human awareness has so many layers of atmosphere, that we can think we placed all our attention on God when it's still on ourselves & our original father the devil. If satan & his devils came appearing to be WHO & WHAT THEY ARE, who would have any association with them at all? They must bear the anointing of a very Christ & have a special salvation to offer! Even sworn devil worshippers if they could but "know what they do," would not do what they do. Satan must deny REV20:10 & promise them that they will reign in his kingdom after this world. & if it were true Satan is not condemned, Satan would have ONLY LIED, & THEN say do you really think I would ever share my kingdom?

___ But the more perfect counterfeit it is of true Christianity the better, so that those who seek truth diligently will also be ensnared, as "if it were possible to deceive the very elect," but in these last days it would "seem" (if they do not make themselves known) that few people are really asking the question if they are on the right track to heaven or not. Many want to simplify getting saved in ways that keep them eternally fetuses at the altar, "believing the basic premise" that God raised Jesus from the dead & confessing that belief with their mouths, but not wanting to then grow up as a Christian & also know their Saviour, not just be content seeing him afar off, & esteem themselves saved for living in his Heavenly country by his anointing. Satan is the quintessential hypocrite (actor) who gives all sinners the same acting spirit & gives all his people parts in his "play." Satan is like the ultimate illegal immigrant, who leaving his habitation, his native land of the new Jerusalem, wants to hate his sponsor the Father Jehovah but STILL KEEP THE BENEFITS. The Bible tells us that a domineering (EZ16:30) heart is one that is very weak, & therefore a submissive heart to God & his laws is a very powerful heart: which also resists satan simultaneously, making him flee from us. The Bible tells us to not have covetousness HEB13:5-6, (but instead to desire God's best gifts, 1COR12:31) because it's the way satan uses to keep us addicted to seek him, the devil, (by whatever means though we would never ask satan personally or realize it is the devil) to give us our "benefits" in this world he is the god of. If we do not covet this world's goods, but leave our desires with God, God is then able to be our helper; because he then sees we have renounced satan or his "genies" to be our helpers to give us power to get wealth.

-- God now owns the world & the fulness thereof, but can only give it to us if we turn away from the god of this world: who fancies himself the gatekeeper of heaven because he originally had that position when he was holy, & second in rank to Jesus, who at the time was not yet made flesh. But satan did not go to the Father of Jesus to find out if there is anyone besides himself, & if he creates only by "calling those things which be," not "as though they are." ROM4:17. Because the logos was revealed only to those who would "inquire within" & ask God if he had any other son than himself: i.e. the son of the morning. ISA14:12. ROM16:25. Satan needed to first believe God & sin had ruined his ability to believe God, which is our foundation for the Lord our righteousness to dwell within us. Satan thought he was the first & eternally greatest son God could ever create & so thought he had God "over a barrel" thinking God could never "destroy his works." Satan wanted to be the only Ceasar & so was so violently wrathful on Jesus for "making himself the son of God." Now to remedy it, satan has invented canon law of the co-equal Trinity, which once again exalts him to his former equality with God he had before he was defeated, - when he planned the damnation of the true Jews as the wicked Haman, which laws could not be reversed, & are now being fulfilled in what is called catholicism meaning the universal religion. When satan saw Jesus defeated him, all his wickedness was inflamed into a rage & has "come down unto us having great wrath & persecuting the church which brought forth the man child Jesus."

__ Satan now keeps the gates of heaven by giving us his own false sense of holiness & a false understanding of what Salvation is. God only considers a saving message at the pulpit "meat in his house." MAL3:10-11. To not be ignorant of satan’s devices which is enlightenment, HEB10:32, is ESSENTIALLY to not be ensnared by him unto damnation! 2COR2:11, is not being ignorant of how he presents Jesus in a false way which corrupts the simplicity in Jesus Christ. __  This corruption of Jesus's simplicity is in what is called canon law: which they even admit is intellectually challenging to the point it cannot be understood. But was faith ever separated from understanding something to be true? Doesn't faith rely on some revealed word of God: AS FAITH COMES BY HEARING THE WORD? Though we do not know the finer details only God knows, all that we need to know for our salvation is in the holy scriptures, & so if it does not link in some acceptable way to scriptures, then it is not necessary for us in order to be saved in this life. But that should not be confused with the fact that not everything is written in the Bible which is obviously true. If it were said Jesus couldn't have fingernails because it's not in the Bible, it would be obviously wrong, so we must just link it in knowing that fact is covered under many other places not in those exact words. If we were to believe if it's not written in red letters, then Jesus never said it, though we don't know exactly what else Jesus said, we know everything he said could not be all included in the Bible, when just his miracles alone John said would cover the world in books, SURELY HIS WORDS THEMSELVES WERE MORE! Yet no one gave Jesus so much honor as to transcribe one statement from him, because the god of this world had blinded their minds to think Jesus was an imposter. 2COR4:4. The gospels were all written many years later when the Holy Spirit had finally managed to get a few apostles to agree to write something down. What effect would it have had on the history of the human race, had we been given more information on the words of Jesus & his life? Just the attention we give evangelists Iike Joseph Alleine & the extensive words & praise we smothered on him & others, shows Jesus DESERVES FAR MORE! Where were the reporters & followers of Jesus when they selfishly squandered all Jesus’s precious words on themselves only? The oil which was poured upon him Jesus graciously said was an honor to him, but how much more an honor had it been, had she then asked Jesus to bless an extensive message about his exact words & life to be shared with the world?

__  Paul goes so far to say it wouldn't be overkill to "be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified!" Yet how much of each sermon is centered on Jesus, & when it is, how much of it is scripturally based? Usually it bows to canon law only, so that church might please Rome & so therefore get the  "dunamis" (abundance) of their vast wealth. REV.18:3. Rome was Paul's last trip, & it was the place that satan made his opposition to all the truth that Paul stood for, though he could have expounded on a lot of his letters. How much of it would have been preserved, when God used the counsel of ROME ITSELF to include the books we now have, because they couldn't thin out the new testament MORE THAN IT ALREADY IS, we cannot tell since it's up to God's own control of it. What exactly are the rules in this "war of Purim," based on the laws of the Medes & Persians, (satan’s remnant of old testament authority which is called "the administration of death," 2COR3:8-9, & 2COR9:12-13) seems rather vague to me: because it's like satan must be given his due, or else why is evil still continuing at all? Satan must be given his due, since why else was there ever any suffering in the first place when God willed all men be saved? Yet because Haylale sinned, FELL FROM HEAVEN, many will also be damned with him! & will God continue testing us after satan is thrown into the lake of fire? Is God both love & hate, or is his hatred an effect which sin necessitates in himself? Did sin ever do God any favors, when Job said that only those who say, "I have sinned & it profited me not" will deliver their souls from going into the pit. If sin had profited God, wouldn't it profit us also? Does God punish us for any favors done for him? But sin has become exceedingly sinful by the law or that is description of God's image offered to & placed upon us, so that to much is given all the more is required! ■■■■■

 13  Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful. ●●●●

-- But we know God couldn't disallow satan from setting up camp, camouflaged in sheep's clothing: armed with his own corruption of the doctrine of Jesus & of the ten commandments: because it is written in REV17-18. And we know as a holy angel, satan was only under the LOGOS HIMSELF, & so only the anointing of Jesus through the means God has given us, i.e. the "broken pieces" (the anointed word) Esther calls "PURIM," has power over satan. These are the "weapons of our warfare which are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds."


____ So much of repentance is initially remembering sins, but which is like the umbilical cord which must be discarded in order to give life to the new birth, or getting born again is the OPPOSITE EFFECT & NOT A BLESSING! ISAIAH 37:3::: And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.


Phi 3:13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

==== yet forgetting as God does: not the fact it happened (or God's mind can be somewhat erased or destroyed,) but forgetting the terrible moral effects which are debilitating to our walk with the Lord. We as Christians must be members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones, so our sins become the wounds he suffered for our transgressions. He was made sin (yet without sin) & poor (yet without poverty) & forsaken of God (yet with God still in him reconciling the world unto himself) so we would be his righteousness, & his wealth & have his same father & blood for ours.

__The gnawing worm like pangs, i.e. ==

Mar 9:44 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. 

Mar 9:46 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. 

Mar 9:48 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. 

=== associated with remembering sins (WHICH THE DAMNED SUFFER, BUT WHICH WE MUST INSTEAD SUFFER NOW WHILE THERE IS GRACE) must be put off with our sins to make room for the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Martin Luther fell into the pit of endless remembrance of sins, & then confessing them, until through desperate seeking of a better way, the Lord showed him the better way which is "the just shall live by faith." He admitted there is no salvation without "terrors of conscience & sensations of death & despair," which God calls "the death of his saints," & "dying daily" to sin & the old man as Paul says, & God says we must be judged in this life, as until he redeems Zion his church by judgment, ISA1:27, there is no salvation for the world either. Jesus will not pray for the world but his own believers only, so if we are not convinced of our sins, the world has no hope to ever get the true saving message! Peter said THE TIME HAS COME THAT JUDGMENT MUST FIRST COME TO THE HOUSE OF GOD. We must not dwell in the house of God by works as if it is only of this world but it must be a house of prayer, meaning Intercession for all people. Jesus’s nature as equal to God is that he "EVER LIVES TO INTERCEDE," & THAT MAKES HIM OPPOSITE TO SATAN & HIS PEOPLE WHO ONLY LIVE TO GET & PLEASE THEMSELVES.

__ There is a controversy involved when we remember sins which beget new sins of despair & questioning of God's mercy & whether or not "I got born again to begin with." Joseph Alleine writes in the opening of his "positive" soliloquy after his shorter one which although has positive aspects to it, it focuses more on the degradation of the sinner’s life & thoughts of despair, "will the Lord lay aside the controversy & conclude a peace?" We need to be "bonded & insured" as born again believers: which trusts God he covers our nakedness until the day he makes us perfect in heaven.

___ Our finest works which are menstrual cloths to God would therefore deserve eternal wrath from him without his grace. We are not saved by our own works but at the same time not saved without them. Going to an alter call or even a whisper of "come into my heart Lord Jesus" is a work, but it's a work prompted & moved by God as the first movings of a holy person of God praying, which God notices very greatly as "behold he prays," ACTS9:11, & all our works thereafter must by the same token not be by our own strength but by his grace. It's not by (our) might or power but by HIS SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD. All our works must be overtaken by saturating faith: which faith is the skeletal structure which only God who is love itself can work/operate! To be "in the Lord" is an overpowering overwhelming thing which catches us up into him, & makes everyday HIS DAY.

What "saved by grace not works" means is, it's not like how the Lutherans seem to imply, that God doesn't want our works, but that IF GOD DIDN'T DETERMINE TO ACCEPT & BLESS OUR WORKS AS "PURIM," MEANING BROKEN PIECES OF OUR WARFARE, then God would punish us instead for them. Coming to Jesus so he won't cast us out is a "work" by which we're saved, but it's not "by the work itself" but by grace that it's not only planted in us to make us INCLINED to come to Jesus & the decision itself is PROMPTED by his grace & the OPPORTUNITY is preserved by his grace & we're EMPOWERED BY GRACE TO COME TO JESUS SO WE MUST NOT HARDEN OUR HEARTS WHEN WE HEAR HIS VOICE. No one would find actual salvation, though we were wise as the very serpent himself, if God didn't "work all things together for our good." ROM8:28.

_____ Though we cannot do anything but errors & works based on our desperately wicked & deceitful hearts, & so satan presses upon us with stabbing guilt & needing the endless & ever increasing pacifier of sin to "fill the cup of wrath" for our sins. But God is greater than our hearts & knows all things," meaning he knows & understands why we have guilt , shame, confusion of face, or any such curse satan is pressing on us with & pretending it's the Lord Jesus saying "I hate you." Or else for those who's never been in a conflict with satan because they never been broken for sin or feeling a need for the Lord, God by the same token knows why our unconverted hearts EXALT & FLATTER & SOOTH us so much, even though we never seriously even sought the Lord or did any good for anyone: because satan is IN a sinner’s heart giving him delusions of grandeur & a bubble of a false world & false perception of reality which satan is ready with his pin of the truth of his accusations (as the prosecuting attorney) to pop our bubble of "it is well with my soul," == "at the hour of death," when we need the mother church to "pray for us sinners." But that "hour" whenever it comes, which to heaven is the audition moment of "earth's got talent," should be practiced & prepared for like an Olympic event our WHOLE LIVES:: == as Jesus who prepared for the cross even from the time he was laid in the feeding trough to be the food of every beastly sinner to "come to him as they are," & he will be their "everlasting Father." ISA9:6.

____ But this is not to make Jesus take the place of HIS EVERLASTING FATHER, who is our Father only by ADOPTION, but Jesus’s whole mission is to bring us to the Father. It's not about being obsessed with past sins as Martin Luther was in his earlier days before his revelation, "the just shall live by faith," but it's about being obsessed with knowing Jesus & what good things he's done in us, which has nailed all our sins upon him which made him to "become us," & become all we are as sinners as being made sin for us, even before he could know us, because he knew no sin. God cannot behold or know iniquity so until we're born again & are made to have a broken & contrite heart, God cannot look unto us or know us. Jesus says to those who never overcame their sins that he "never knew them." Greater is Jesus in us, than satan & our sins that are in the world, & so all our brokenness & sins must be swallowed up into Jesus & become his wounds & scars & eternal though now glorified crucifixion.

____ But just how far can the strong delusions of THINKING WE'RE SAVED GO? Even to the degree that MANY preached Jesus as Lord which only the Holy Spirit can declare, & did many wonderful works by Jesus’s anointing! The whole universe as vast as it is belonged to the devil, but as soon as Jesus bought it back by his crown of thorns, he decides to remodel everything & make a new universe. REV6:14. No man can find true conviction for sins if they do not understand how Jesus became the fulfillment of PSALM 51, the key of David. Jesus says, "I HAVE THE KEY OF DAVID, PSALM 51, MEANING I FULFILLED IT. YOU NOW HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME WHAT IT PRAYS FOR!

ISAIAH-22:22 And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. 

Rev 3:7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth.

______ THE IDEA that enlightens the filament of our minds & world of our hearts, & gives health to our face & general Salvation to our souls, is to "with all our getting, get the understanding" of what it means for Jesus to be preeminent. This is a denial of the flesh, which is not interested in such truths: & so to take up one’s cross is never easy or else it wouldn’t be a “cross.” The heavier the cross one works out with in the gymnasium of our seeking of God’s face, the stronger one gets spiritually. Self possession is the biggest problem a Christian can face: which means you have to get permission or cooperation from YOUR OWN SELF to do anything, which is like the definition of insanity. Since one would think if you only have yourself to stop you, it would be A SURE THING to accomplish what you want to do. But due to sin, we have to use things like will power & determination to accomplish what we need to do. To actually have real opposition to overcome, requires first that we overcome our own self’s sinful nature, in order to then reach out to & overcome “outside” opposition like how Jesus did: who though satan didn’t have anything in Jesus, there was no shortage of Jesus needing to overcome the devil for the sake of his church.

____ We as souls shaped in iniquity have as much reason to be sinful as that original "absolute depravity" alone; however, we have exceeded our basic necessity to be only as sinful as only our original condition has made us find ourselves to be according to PSALM 51:5. We have rather delighted in our tendency to be wicked & corrupt & delved into the depths of our being like our father the devil as explorers of sin, by acting out the evil ideas that have arisen within our inner heart's mind. We should have walked crooked only to the extent it was unavoidable due to our crooked inner design, & stayed on a steady & daily carrying of the cross by denial of the flesh & performing of our recitals & devotions in practicing true & pure & undefiled religion. Now this has complicated our final entrance to heaven, & must be dealt with in the most solemn form of sober mindedness possible! Now God must extend his olive branch to us in some covenantal way in our necessity to bridge the gap that we have made, that has so extremely complicated our original wound for having been conceived in sin.

_____  God must help us to analyze what what being saved is to the best of one’s reasoning capability at the time we contemplate it, & then share it as that testimony which overcomes the devil, though it be no more accurate than to say we see men as trees walking. God made us like angels; to be his helpers to be first receivers of God’s judgment which must then come to the whole house of God, in order to come to the world through preaching in a saving conviction of their sins & need for Jesus. Therefore God commands us to “lift up your voice like a trumpet & tell his people their sins.” The trumpet is always blown before the King steps onto the stage, & Elihu had to speak for God before God ventured to speak out of the whirlwind. We always reason that if God wants to do something he will just do it, but how many things did God do for us which he did not somehow use one another to do it through? It would seem that God did not create creation in vain, just for him to simply do it all by himself anyways: though creation is really God doing it all himself, which is why it is called “ELOHIM.”

_______ My writing here is to show 1, that we are never fully done away with sin in this life, & 2 that there is no deliverance from BONDAGE to sin or the devil without a full seeking to understand the true nature of the 3 PERSON GODHEAD, which I will show by scripture that is not equal in nature but hierarchal in nature: & that anything not part of the HOLY TRINITY is destined for eternal damnation. That the coequal Trinity is exclusionary in nature & is the means satan uses to deceive the world into missing eternal life, with the righteous scarcely saved instead of a great multitude no man can number saved. That those who adhere to it must have an extra great amount of works righteousness in order to compensate for the lack of faith in the truth, or else be extremely "naked in soul" in anything that looks serious in intending & seeking for eternal salvation. If a pastor or Christian seems to be your enemy in a very unprovoked or unreasonable way, chances are that their anointing is from a fallen angel. These are the many who would claim to be Christ or a Christ, i.e. special anointed leader in the last days. Cult leaders are a dime a dozen, yet they either stay secluded & disallow outside contact or else the fallen angel makes them want to stay & become comfortable with it. The church should get it's anointing through the hierarchy of the Holy Trinity: with the angels as our fellow servants. That is the litmus test of salvation, that is, if we have fellowship with angels: they are ministers sent to those who are heirs of salvation. But satan has false Holy angels which are his "angels," & there is not one devil who will appear as anything but a holy angel, (& one more believable to our sinful nature too,) unless he is cornered by God's power into showing his true colors. We need holy boldness & confidence & health of our faces from seeking God's face which is the iron that sharpens us, in order to be found by them who seek don't seek for us.

____  Jesus said we need to "beware of the leaven of the pharisees," because there is no other way to know (than by it's  doctrine) if any particular anointing is "from on high," or if it is emanating from a demon! It all feels the same, because there is NO OTHER POWER BUT GOD, THE POWERS THAT BE, (the devils & satan,) ARE ORDAINED, EMPOWERED BY GOD. ROM.13:1. If we don't have proper doctrine & don't study the word to be approved & not ashamed, then we will think any outpouring of the Holy Spirit is from God!! The devil, REV12 says, casts water out of his mouth to carry the church away in it. BUT WHAT IS THIS?? It is a deceitful "move of God," with devils for ministering angels! How will you know if it is? You "try them who say they are apostles," as Jesus commended EPHESUS for doing! How do you try them? You get a backbone so you don't die from sheepishness & tremors, & bitterness in your belly & back down because of their towering pride, & go & interrogate them & ask questions & try out your honest opinion on them; which may or may not be right, but if you get a very hateful & accusing response, you already know that "they are nothing," as 1COR13 says, & their being filled with the Spirit has never even taught them conviction for their sinful nature. If they glow like a Christmas tree, & yet can't work a single real miracle, that is another sign of being of the devil, & a murderer as John says. If your anointing glorifies you, yet can't do anything for anyone else, that is the spirit of self exaltation.

____ The TRINITY is in the simplest terms possible, 1 God’s image, 2 the now glorified Jesus, 3 the temple of the Holy Spirit the church. This feeds the presence of God to anything which is of need by any or all of these 3 persons, such as the whole earth & all material things which will ever exist for the sake of the Trinity. To be a person one must have a body, & only God, Elohim, had a body from all past eternity which called the everlasting gospel & image of God. God the son did not have a body until the fullness of time had come, which means he did not have sentient awareness of his existence until he was conceived in Mary’s womb. God the word spoke with God saying, “a body have you prepared me.” God the Holy Spirit, who was “chosen in Christ the word from before the foundation of the world,” EPH1:4, did not have a body until the day of PENTECOST which is also the Christmas of the church in which the Holy Spirit became flesh. For God to create souls, this means that we had to come out of the soul of Jesus: which means his soul had to have a beginning (origin) also, or else we would be preeminent rather than Jesus. If God made us the first born, who is many, instead Jesus who is but one, that would make in turn the universe of a far far lesser nature, possibly to the point of not being able to sustain life. All things were made through Jesus, & so the QUALITY OF THE MATERIAL UNIVERSE, is dependent on the QUALITY OF THE SON OF GOD.

_____  JESUS BEING PREEMINENT means he originated in God's mind, & became first born of every creature when the contents of God's mind were spoken. God creates by speaking & logos means something spoken. The logos is the whole contents of God's mind which describes his need for his one & only companion, taken from his rib as Eve from Adam, & is now the mother of all living: without whom nothing is Begotten or made. The logos is the "womb of the morning, whose first son is whom we now know as satan. ISA14:12. The logos indeed existed from everlasting but not in BEGOTTEN FORM: which became begotten, when God began writing him upon his mind with his tongue, as an author writes a book. The perfection of God is God's most sure & prolific attribute, which is "fearful in praises," & puts those same attributes in us if we become "partakers of God's divine nature."

_____ That "moment" somewhere between past & future eternity is when the "morning" of creation occurred, which is the "ETERNAL DAY" God begot his son;  though it had no material thing in it except the written logos upon the mind of God. Creation in Hebrew means to cut down a tree, because that is the first thing God did: which was to crucify his son in his mind, calling those things which be not as though they are. These things were kept secret Paul said. ROMANS 16:25, but are now made manifest. God could not avoid creating Haylale (Lucifer,) who became satan, but though God made him perfect in all his ways & wanted him to remain holy, God knew what he would do, & so planned his strategy to defeat satan, by making a throw away universe designed to be replaced & setting the stage for satan to murder his only son, so that Satan's blood could in turn be shed by the man Christ Jesus. GEN9:6. The law is how God exists & does all he does. Grace itself comes through the law that Jesus had to pay for that grace. There is no leniency without some law of surplus which is the storehouse for it. God exists through the law that it is impossible for nothing to exist: & creates by the same law. God defeated satan through the law that "he who sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed." Satan could not break that law until he killed THE ONLY ONE of a higher rank than himself. Then God said ALL SATAN'S SINS WERE LAID IN ORDER BEFORE HIM, WHEN SATAN TOUCHED THE PUPIL OF HIS EYE BY TOUCHING JESUS ON THE CROSS WHILE GOD WAS TORMENTING & FORSAKING HIM FOR OUR SINS! Satan could not be punished or in any way sanctioned for one sin, until he killed the only mediator on the cross! When satan saw his face on the lower back of Jesus on his burial cloth, burning in the lake of fire, it made him go into a terrible rage so irreconcilable & terrible, it provoked him to begin a great persecution against Christians & people in general which has not ended to this day! Don't think that just because people have no response or reaction to truth, that satan & his angels are the same! BUT THEY HIDE THEIR TRUE REACTIONS TO OUR PRAYERS & WORDS & THOUGHTS, BECAUSE IF THEY RESPOND THEN THEY HAVE ALSO WARNED & ENLIGHTENED US! Satan knows anything about us not hid by the SECRET PLACE of God's glory, including our thoughts & intentions. But if God's glory rests on us, this directs our path in ways satan cannot discern or predict. Testimony is our opinion which is the Greek word glory: so we need to overcome satan by speaking our opinions.

___ Being “begotten” means that he was first begotten as the word=logos, conceived from the foundation of the world: & that world is the “world without end,” which existed from everlasting as God’s kingdom. But until Jesus died on the cross, only Jesus was in the kingdom, i.e. “the bosom of the Father.” There was no one BUT JESUS in the inner heart of God or with God indwelling their innermost soul until Jesus made this “new & living way.” HEB10:19-20. Only Jesus could call God “his Father,” & we can only be sons of God by adoption, but by being born again Jesus is made into our everlasting Father. But no one is made into a full fledged son of God until at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The gospel is a promise of heaven reserved for us, but not a sacramental presence as the body & blood of Jesus is: who had to be “broken for us, & spilled for us,” or else no one could come to him & expect to be anything but cast out & crushed into powder. But sinners choose to accept Jesus in name only while being dead to him in knowing him: so that all their “seeking of God,” is as Job says, Job 15:26  He runneth upon him, even on his neck, upon the thick bosses of his bucklers. Pro 4:19  The way of the wicked is as darkness: they know not at what they stumble. Though they come to God who is light, they must do so in the presumption of arrogance & do not humble themselves under his mighty hand: which moved the prophets to write the word.

_______  Jesus is the only son that could proceed directly from the father without a mediator: being made so much better than the angels, & proceeding from everlasting as the word before it was spoken by the tongue of God which is the pen of a ready writer. All other sons proceed from Jesus, as the angels are called “sons of God,” who is also the word who is God, & therefore God calls himself “beginning & ending” even Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God. The word was created as God’s intellectual property, as an author creates a book, yet the book itself especially if it’s electronic, has no substance in itself except as circuits on a computer mind. So though the word is created & has a beginning, it is God, since God is the sole father & sustainer & author of it. God also calls himself by the word, saying that he is the beginning, though he himself had no beginning: God’s soul is bound up in his son, as Jacob’s soul was all bound up in Benjamin. GEN44:30. Only God knows the son & alone can draw us unto the son, & no man can know the Father JEHOVAH but to whom the son will reveal him.

_____God needed a creature in whom he would take great delight & find all manner of pleasure in, in a manner that satisfies his most exacting holiness & scope of his power & majesty: which he cannot find in himself as he has existed from everlasting. IF IT WERE NOT JESUS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SATAN, AS WICKED HAMAN THOUGHT THAT THE KING TOOK DELIGHT IN HIM, BUT INSTEAD IT WAS MORDECAI. Then God provoked satan to strike at Jesus in his most certain death, because God made satan honor & bow before Jesus as he rode upon the donkey through the streets of Jerusalem, saying “thus shall it be done to the man God delights to honor.” God needed a son fit for a King as great as himself. Paul tells us that God is external to Jesus, 1COR15:27, & in putting all things under Jesus, DID NOT PUT HIMSELF UNDER JESUS, OR ON AN EQUAL FOOTING WITH JESUS, BUT REMAINS GREATER THAN JESUS: even as Jesus said, “my Father is greater than I.” To Jesus that was the greatest of joys to say that, & not a “put down” or feeling like he wanted to challenge God for power of office, as satan did. When God was no longer over Jesus as his light which is his blood for his very soul, that makes his face to shine, that is when “darkness was upon the face of the deep,” & his Father was eclipsed & it made him to cry out, “my God why have you forsaken me?”

______ Making Jesus God turns him into a perpetual sacrifice they call an unbloody sacrifice, as every mass is a separation of Jesus from his Father, as they instead make him the most high God. Then they often give only the bread to the people in the wafer saying that the blood residue is still in it, & it takes but a drop to the job anyways. Then the priests on a lesser scale give the cup of Jesus’s blood to the people, but take it themselves thinking that it justifies themselves separating themselves from the people in they call “clergy & laymen.” But God says that every born again Christian is a priest after the order of Melchisedek: whose office was in the very Lord’s supper. Jesus said it takes only 2 or more believers to officiate his supper. The cup & wafer are separate in the Lord’s supper, because that “shows forth the Lord’s death,” which is separation from his Father who is the blood. But that does not mean that the body of the Father is in the cup, which is the gospel image, but his blood, which is the life of all flesh is in it: whom only Jesus can mediate for us. We know we pass from death to life when we love our primary brother Jesus, & he is the husband & head of the church also. God gave us his son to be our first love, so that we would be handed over to the Father, our final love, as “kings & priests” when Jesus hands over the kingdom to the Father. 1COR15:24.

______  As Pharaoh made Joseph equal except in the very throne itself, GEN41:40, that is how God made his son: & commands that all the angels of God worship him, as Joseph had the dream that his brothers worshipped him. God’s creation is time itself: which is events which God alone is the power of. Time was first created in a virtual manner to represent days, which is the general time of a planet to rotate. However God made all planets to be inhabited, & yet only earth is inhabited because the universe is about to be rolled up like a scroll, when God terminates the old script of it. Then God also withdraws his breath & turns it into space dust in order to recreate a new universe. Psa 104:29  _ Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust. Psa 104:30  Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth. For something that is unlimited to create something limited, it is to God always the same size & requires the same amount of effort, whether it is the size of an atom or universe. God is equally everywhere; =& so if God found it a strain to create the whole universe all at one instant of time, then it would also be a strain to change or effect or create one atom or particle ANYWHERE in the universe, including here!

_______  The WORLDWIDE CHRISTIAN OPINION denies the true nature of Jesus being the son, & makes him the PANTOCRATOR: which name is reserved only for the Father. The LOGOS IS GOD because it means “God speaking:” & the logos does not sustain or consist himself, but ONLY GOD: because the logos itself is inanimate & not sentient. This very same logos before he was made flesh as the son of God, was manifested in DAN10 as the man more precious than fine gold, & whom God called “God,” saying, “your throne oh God is forever & ever,” etc. God would often speak to his mental creations as if they are real, “calling those things which be not as though they are.” The logos in DAN10 had no power of himself, but what God had, & so was equal to God in that regard, & so had to send MICHAEL THE ANGEL to do his bidding, which is simply the normal procedure for God to things according to. Yet one might say, why did that “apparition” seem so helpless to do anything? Because he wasn’t helpless but acting as the “word creation” of God, who speaks as one who has no power in himself, but is now since rising from the dead “declared to be the son of God with power.” He was hungry for our words, & he says “I came for your words,” & calls our preaching “feeding the sheep.” Hos 14:2  Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.

_____  The Bible makes clear THE LOGOS had a beginning: “IN THE BEGINNING IS THE WORD, THE WORD IS WITH GOD & IS GOD.” There is a beginning of what is purely VIRTUAL CREATION: which consists purely of God because it is the tongue of God writing the book of life: meaning “choosing us in Christ from the foundation of the world.” This original choosing in Christ was ALL PEOPLE & ALL ANGELS: but the difference between elect & non elect took place, because the FALL OF HAYLALE (Lucifer) in ISA14:12 “UNELECTED” a great majority of all peoples & a third of the angels. How could God allow that? Why did God even create Haylale at all, since it was God’s will “all men be saved & come to the knowledge of the truth?” It’s an infinitely harder question to ask, how did God exist as all power called Elohim, & be “all in all,” be all he is as being ALMIGHTY, etc? There is something about conceiving new souls that seems unavoidable so that once the process is set in motion, it cannot be reversed, anymore than the laws of the Medes & Persians! One could ask why was satan allowed to set up camp on earth as Babylon in REV17-18, aka the Catholic religion, since Jesus had already conquered him? The same reason that the King in Esther could not reverse the decree of wicked Haman to destroy the Jews, but instead gave us Purim, meaning broken pieces, along with our testimony, which Paul calls “weapons of our warfare which are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, etc.” Satan is therefore “spiritual wickedness in high places,” along with his devils, & so whenever we would do good, evil is present with us, Paul said. This is the mystery of iniquity, but we see there is a time limit imposed on the devil in the book of Revelation.

______ Jesus spoke of God his Father as being above him & greater than him, & the one who did all the miracles through him. God calls those things which be not as though they are, ROM.4:17: which is how also God creates, & is how God begot his only genetic son. (G3439 (Strong) μονογενής monogenēs, mon-og-en-ace,) God saw the engraving of the 10 commandments AS IF it were his son, (though an extreme summary of what the word is, = #1: placing the Father first, etc.,) which is why God was so jealous of those stone tablets, sometimes killing people just for touching them in even a good intention of steadying them on an oxcart! 2SAM6:6-7. God therefore called his initial begetting of Jesus as actual completion of him, though he was “brought forth” (i.e. made sentient as the word made flesh) in the fulness of time. John refers to God the Father as the one who begot & Jesus as the one begotten of him. 1JOHN5:1. The devil wants to make the begetting of Jesus the identical same manner in which God the Father exists, so that to say Jesus was begotten is semantics only, & if there is any “true beginning, or true begetting” to it, to make it exist solely in his being made flesh in the time which we call “Christmas.” But that if he had previously existed, whether from everlasting or as sentiently aware as a living being from the beginning, to be “made flesh” does not carry with it the true Biblical sense of being also “made soul” as well: since a soul must be included with whatever kind of outward creature form it is. If God creates the form of a human, there must be a human soul included within that body: & it cannot be a preexisting soul who has already had time to grow in wisdom & stature & formulate it’s antidotes to life’s problems. This means also that that human soul must be qualified to be called human, & therefore with a beginning & with the vulnerabilities of being human. God cannot lie, & Jesus cannot be a lie. To be God refers back to his preeminence: as the beginning of the creation of God as the LOGOS of God. This same LOGOS has written in it how Jesus had to first be made a human soul with a fitting body, though made in quality so much better than the angels, which is a tremendous thing, considering that we are only made a little lower than the angels if we are born again, & functioning in that capacity as fellow servants for the holy angels. James suggests that rank sinners are made lower than the devils, because he says “the devils believe & tremble,” yet sinners often are immoveable.

______ However Jesus was only made a little lower than the angels in his appearance: which means he came in the likeness of sinful flesh, in order to suffer death for every man. No one would have spoken anything but honor & fear to Jesus, (& not attempted to crucify him,) if he had come showing his true nature of being without sin: for then he would have been greater than a glorified angel, HEB1:4, [BY A FACTOR WHICH IS INCALCULABLE IN MATHEMATICS] in his outward show of strength & demand for our respect. His lamblike lowly meek gentle nature rather than his lion excelling in strength nature is what people saw, because he was broken for us, which is what allows us to eat & drink him as our nourishment for soul & body. He counted it not robbery to be equal with his Father, as taking upon himself all of his inheritance of power & glory & majesty: meaning that Jesus could have simply left us all & went to heaven, escorted by more than 12 legions of angels. But he was far superior in reasoning than his first son Haylale who became the devil, because instead of questioning & disbelieving God’s word, Jesus took everything God said at face value believing the words of God’s mouth in purest righteousness & even delighted to do God’s will, even unto death. By death it means both spiritual & physical: as Jesus’s blood is God his Father, who is the life of all blood, especially of his son, LEV17:11, & so when Jesus prayed to be delivered from death, he meant SEPARATION FROM HIS FATHER. This death is so terrible it is described as the very LAKE OF FIRE ITSELF: i.e. the 2nd death! How God “forsakes” anyone when he is OMNIPRESENT is a great mystery, but God being also “omniscient,” = all intelligent, understands how to do all these things. God is so exact in everything & cannot forget anything, & so forgives & “forgets” sins by making us members of Jesus’s body, flesh & bones; with our death in sin being swallowed up in the victory of Jesus’s death, who was made to be sin for us, who knew no sin. 2COR5:21. Now all who are in Christ Jesus are new creatures, because their wicked sin has been swallowed up into his sinless & holy sin which knew no sin: even as our sins which are thrown into the sea. MICAH 7:19::: He will turn again, he will have compassion upon us; he will subdue our iniquities; and thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.

___ In satan’s false Christian theology, (which I find is the case in every church I see,== & yet I know it is not so but only what I see so far,) God the Father is usually not accounted for; but instead JESUS is the one taking that highest position, as the Catholics claim in every mass, that Jesus “alone is holy, & the most high God.” The Catholic mass is really a theological misalignment of the PRAYER OF THE LAMB & MOSES in REV.15:3-4, which states that GOD ONLY IS HOLY. Wouldn’t Jesus rather say, “for you & I only are holy?” Instead Jesus makes no mention of himself in that prayer. Satan simply promotes Jesus to the uppermost position of the Trinity, but does not remove the landmark of God’s name & title as Father, but does this by making the trinity 3 equal persons so that they are all “most high.” But in doing so this is how antichrist denies the father & the son (& our place as temples of the Holy Spirit) all in one simple stroke of the pen of satan’s tongue. Then WHO is the power in the churches if God cannot be because he was eclipsed by the son’s perpetual crucifixion in the catholic’s un-bloody masses, & Jesus cannot be, because he is being falsely worshipped as God rather than the mediator of God? It is satan coming in the form of his replacement mascot, Mary: who must now be the mediator of her son, since her son is God, & no one can come to God without a mediator! The churches are anointing centric rather than “persons of the trinity” centric, because they cannot explain how their creeds of the trinity make sense, & so make up for their impossibility for having understanding, by majoring on the anointing. Jesus kept on warning us, beware of the “leaven” of the scribes & pharisees. By leaven Jesus meant doctrine, or “rule,” meaning in Greek “canon.” This was the real design behind their power, as the software program which ran the hardware of their anointing, which Jesus said was from their father the devil.

________ God said that the glory of the latter house, the new testament, would be greater than the former which is the old testament Paul called the administration of death. Satan was in a superficial sense the first pentecostal, though it was not an inner indwelling but one that merely made satan “excel in strength,” like the ultimate superman. There was no inner change of heart or indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the old testament, & no “power from on high,” but it all came through the devil: who was not put out of office as the “son of the morning” until Jesus (the morning) died at the hands of his son the devil. This is why the prophets were able to do terrible sins with their powers: call down fire from heaven to burn up people all in the spirit of personal amusement & arrogance, & superhuman strength to “go into all the world to preach,” i.e. the gospel of death to every unbeliever by the edge of the sword of steel. David & the other prophets & the Jews in general were commanded by God, (as per the will of the devil to edit God’s laws, as wicked Haman went to the King to destroy the Jews,) to go into all the world and UTTERLY SLAUGHTER WITH FURY & JUDGMENT EVERY MAN, WOMAN & CHILD & TO LEAVE NOTHING ALIVE THAT BREATHES, which is a monumental impossible task for anyone not endued with superhuman powers & with immunity to any revenge taken by their victims.  —-  The very apostles of Jesus wanted to do the same to those who would not follow Jesus, but Jesus said that THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT SPIRIT THEY ARE OF: meaning Jesus was then instituting the SPIRIT OF LOVE NOT HATE. John said God is light & love & in him is no darkness or hatred at all. — Because the spirit of the old testament, while being from God, “because all power is of God who is the ONLY POWER,” ROMANS13:1, it was filtered through the devil, who is called the “ANOINTED ANGEL.”

_____ Jesus later gave us the great commission to preach with words of mercy & not by acts of death: to conquer our sins, rather than to conquer our very hope of salvation. Those who do not accept the Biblical description of Jesus in his being begotten as the word, accept rather an old testament, lesser form of anointing power, which is not from on high but filtered through the devil, who “sifts it like wheat,” to remove all the love, mercy, kindness, the 9 fruits of the spirit, ETC., from it, so that all is left is a highly refined form of God’s spirit which can anoint the worst terrorist or most Christ denying professor of Christianity to look pure as the driven snow, & glowing like a light bulb with great glory & power. Many who are “spirit filled” do not have anything resembling love, not even NATURAL AFFECTION, but live by forms of godliness which deny the true power of God from heaven. Many who claim to be saved do not even show signs of being saved, except an anointing which they claim is proof that they are not backslidden, & yet Jesus will say to them that he “NEVER” knew them. A person with the anointing can also cast out devils, without so much as threatening the devil himself, if they are not convicted by the highest truths of the Bible, such as to be determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified. Satan will take delight in seeing us kick around the devils under him, so that he can continue pretending to be the presence of Jesus for us.

_______  God the Father’s image is the one true alien life form of the whole universe in whom all humanity is made in the image of: & from whom will come an innumerable number of human species to fill the new universe. But presently humanity on this planet is the only "real aliens" in the universe. The UFOS we see are angelic technology made by the fallen angels in inter-dimensional factories hidden to us. This is why all the "alien" life seems so detached from true reality & any actual account for the person of Jesus Christ. It is the findings so far that all intelligent life in the universe is the  unqualified type, being the fallen angels masquerading as life originating in this universe. They appear as inter-dimensional & as not knowing God who is love: but when they do make their utmost attempts to be as deceiving as possible,; EVEN APPEARING TO BE LOVING GOD & KNOWING GOD, it will be according to the canon law of the catholic church: which denies the father & son & Holy Spirit by denying the hierarchical rank of the trinity: making each part a 6 rather than a 600, 60 & 6: which is symbolic for the ranking of the 3 persons in it.

_____ What is the mark of the beast in simplest terms? It is officiated by one man, who is called the 2nd beast, & right now to me it looks like the pope of that time. The mark 666 is in the 600 which symbolizes God's image, & it will be successfully given when God gives this world over to their egotistical arrogance in believing that the body of Jesus is the image of God, when Jesus spoke over & over too many times to count, how that he is NOT HIS FATHER, & that we only see the Father in & through him. Joh 5:37  And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

___  So that when the pope requires we all profess Jesus to be God, & to take his mark, it is not the mark of Jesus but a sacramental mark of God himself: which no one is qualified or authorized by God to take in this life without contracting all the sin of the devil with it. It becomes “full of the abominations & filthiness of her fornication” when we take the Lord’s supper or for those who take the mark of the beast, in association with satan & his whole kingdom. The “fornication” God mentions is a symbolic form only, & which is so called in that it commits adultery against God & his son by instead being married to the church & the devil who assumes to the position of God in the temple. I wonder if the beast is going to come appearing to be the person of Jesus, while claiming to be God’s very image, because that is what chick tracts & others show when depicting God sitting upon his throne.

___  We are allowed only the Lord's body which is 60 & the church fellowship as we take the Lord's Supper which is 6. No one in this life can go higher than 66, & if Jesus’s body wasn't broken for us & made to be sin for us, then no one could take that either without being guilty in the worst way, (even worse than taking it unworthily now,) of murdering the Lord Jesus, which is what "being guilty of his body & blood" means. The gospel-image which is 600 is only for those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb: who will then be given glorified bodies & made compatible to not only be ACTUALLY WORTHY of Jesus as our husband but of his father, the creator, as our husband also! No one is really even NEAR FULLY FORGIVEN in this life, except IMPUTED to be fully forgiven. Only tasting the power of the world to come is what experiencing ACTUAL REAL TIME FORGIVENESS is! Then HEB6:6 warns us that if we fall away from that, there is no more hope of salvation. Most people only experience the relief of imputation level forgiveness, & take it to mean actual real time forgiveness, which is why they are so arrogant & have such a spirit of entitlement with God, & act like they are too good to pray a penitential prayer or even act like it would be blasphemy or unbelief against the work of the Holy Spirit to do so!

____ But the Bible makes it clear that Salvation is an ongoing process & even Jesus had to grow in wisdom & stature though not having personal sin or the devil having anything in him. Those who are imputed to be forgiven or don't know it’s only imputed, THINK they are more holy than they really are, & so they often backslide & fall into certain very deceitful sins which are very hard to detect or believe can exist like lack of meekness to restore others, GAL6:1, & can even result in one become reprobate silver. The most hardened persons in sin are ones who were preached the false gospel that they have become already fully new & that God has declared them sinless & extremely saved so that losing Salvation almost takes a wickedness like that of a murderous tyrant. When Jesus said few there be that find it, & many would come to him with great anointing believing they are extremely saved & even saved millions. How many big time evangelists will have performed huge miracles & made a great many altar calls on massive scales, only to be told by Jesus he never knew them? It would seem that many fit this description because the "many" that Jesus made examples of were all of a great anointing & of a great surety that they knew the Lord Jesus, (calling him LORD, LORD,) & SO IT'S NO DOUBT THAT THEY REPRESENT MILLIONS OF THEIR OWN DISCIPLES WHO WERE NOT ABOVE THEIR TEACHING ABILITIES & INSIGHT! --- If Jesus is not taught properly, it would be better if the masses of people were as ignorant about the name of Jesus any native people could ever be: rather than for satan to be the evangelist, who knows how to play their sins as gasoline upon a fire, & doll their sinful nature up to be his precious darlings! How many anointed Christians are really nothing more than glorified sinners, who thought the knowledge of good & evil & the embracing of an anointing made them fit candidates for eternal life?

____ When Jesus said our righteousness must exceed the scribes & pharisees, he meant our anointing must be able to cast out & bind their anointing like Aaron's rod eating up the other rods. Jesus said their father is the anointed angel, & they were like the old testament pentecostals, & are the standard of all false pentecostalism which believes that nothing changed from the death of Jesus but just a new style of religion. Satan is the master & genius of fraudulence & is like a polar bear in a snow storm, & will cover his nose to hide the errors in his counterfeit. Satan can make no perfect imitation of God's ways, but it's usually just enough to be way over people's heads to keep them seeing above their own love for their sinful nature, to prevent a successful & ongoing steady repentance from all their perversions. One has to see their sins as arising from a crookedness in the soul before there can be any detestation for one's inherited & ingrained sinful nature & selfish & wasteful indulgence in pleasuring sins. One cannot know they are saved if their whole nature has not successfully been changed from self service to the service of all others with God in the first place. JESUS SAID WE MUST BE SERVANTS OF ALL PEOPLE & SHOW MEEKNESS TO ALL, AS ESTHER 7:4 SAID AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT ENTAIL LOSING OUR SALVATION. This entails a proper understanding & a right acceptance of who Jesus is, which is big enough to require one's whole mind, heart, soul & strength being determined to know nothing but Jesus & him crucified: because Jesus alone can lead us to the Father. Worship of Jesus under the guise of him being the "most high" & therefore end of the road in hierarchy of God’s kingdom is a fraudulent & idolatrous worship. There is no rightful conviction of our sinful nature & the sins it produced, if there is first no rightful conviction of the need to know Jesus personally & in all accuracy, & then a revelation from God of his son, in the process of God the father drawing us unto Jesus. JOHN6:44::::  No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

___ There is no true SALVATION without a real & palatable sense of REMORSE for sin, which means ANYTHING JESUS COULD NOT DO AS FAR AS "LENIENCY" IN THE FATHER FOR THAT LEVEL OF ALLOWANCE FOR "MODERATION." Sure the Lord Jesus had a different calling & so if he became our pattern for his literal way of life, we could not follow, because mankind would die off from celibacy & no one would be able to be pure in God's eyes enough to follow such a stringent path that allowed him even to walk on water. Our doing of his same miracles would have to be his hand reaching out to grab us from sinking in unbelief & our sense of unworthiness, even as his power is healing others through us. But to think we have a husband we cannot possibly be compatible with & worthy of should make us beat our chests in grief that we are so UTTERLY SHORT of such a holy standard! This would make us turn towards GOD'S LOVING NATURE & seek to make up for our shortage in fulfilling the law by having that love supernaturally & abundantly working in our faith which fulfills the law. The increase of faith cleanses the heart ACTS15:9 & gives God who is love more to work with & write his law & ways upon. The more we grow in faith, the more God can "work our faith by his love working mightily in us.” GAL5:6.

_____ The false conviction & veneer of the devil on things he wishes for us to like & become addicted to, is so great, that in many cases people have been known to express terrible & ungodly hatred to one another, yet they esteem themselves as but loving God & loving their "true" brothers & sisters by hating those they condemn; & this is despite Jesus telling us to love our worst enemies & even do good to them & pray for them! Laodicea means "justice of the people," showing that they weren't so lukewarm in opinion & self righteous works or anointings which survived many terrible persecutions of those who disagreed with them. Jesus was speaking to those who had no clue that they had anything they were lukewarm in! Because what they were lukewarm in was their failure of wanting to be obsessed with knowing their first-love. Jesus is a very easy & convenient thing to sidestep by simply labeling him & like a contract they write, saying, "from henceforth Jesus is to be referred to as God," & that takes away any further need to get to know him, since no man can know God without a mediator. So then when they needed to address the "little issue" of Jesus needing to be our Saviour, that is when they established Mary as conceived special like Jesus, without sin, & made her out to be the mediator of Jesus. The lukewarm church therefore quickly metamorphosed into the catholic church, & that is why they have had "justice" done against anyone disagreeing with them as if they were Jesus himself! Because Mary represents the church, so now if she is mediator of Jesus, then it equates that the church is the mediator of Jesus, but in the capacity of Jesus's office as mediator: because we are then mediating one whom we make out to be GOD! This makes sin not against God only but the church only. The definition of a heretic is not what is against the church, but it means failure to be guided solely by the Lord, & failure to seek & wait upon the Lord, but to instead act upon one's own personal judgment of what to do. [G139   (Strong) αἵρεσις hairesis hah’ee-res-is From G138; properly a choice, that is, (specifically) a party or (abstractly) disunion.] But this makes the whole church heretical in God's eyes, when the church defines heresy as people not following their every order & failure to conform to their every instruction. The wife of Jesus is supposed to raise up children unto God not unto herself. Jesus said blind leaders create blind followers, & they all fall into the same ditch in the same HELLFIRE too! There are other sins of the church which God says we should “lift up our voices like trumpets to show God’s people their sins.” One of these is failure to pay taxes, since Jesus never gave tax exempt status to the church, & tithes are for meat in God’s house, meaning food sufficient for saving souls. This means unless the messages at the pulpits rise to the level of saving souls, all tithes are given in vain, & can’t expect the blessings of Mal 3:9  Ye are cursed with a curse (i.e. satan): for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

Mal 3:10  Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Mal 3:11  And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.

Mal 3:12  And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts.


●●●●■■■■Jesus is denied & his office as mediator canceled when he is placed on equal footing with God the father & with his body the church: who is the third person of the Trinity. IT EXCLUDES ALL POSSIBILITIES OF REDEMPTION WHEN WE ARE NOT AN INTRINSIC & PROPER PART OF THE HOLY TRINITY: BECAUSE THE "TRINITY" IMPLIES EVERYTHING WHICH IS INCLUDED IN THE BOSOM, OR THAT IS "INNER HEART" OF GOD. ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT PART OF THE TRINITY IS DESTINED FOR HELLFIRE!! === THEREFORE you cannot make the 3 persons equal: because God the father alone is Elohim which means he's the LIFE-BLOOD of all persons, ESPECIALLY OF HIS SON & is THEREFORE the whole Trinity. -- This however shouldn't make us gloat & be very proud as if it means we're God, but fear as if we have a power switch on our backs which can be turned off at any time & for ALL ETERNITY!!! All God has to do to stop evil is to pull the plug on their power source, which is "God the blood;" meaning all God must do is LEAVE US WALLOW IN OUR OWN SHAMEFUL WAYS, & JESUS ALONE IS "GOD WITH US." Jesus is the only medium through which he can raise & save sinners. = SO, WHEN GOD REMOVES HIS SON, THAT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION! When God says, "you're right! I didn't beget my son," i.e. "for you," that is when we have no more mediation or covering for our sins, but "fall into the hands of the living God::" who is a CONSUMING FIRE to anything sinful! Then every increased distortion we suffer as we burn in the heat of God's judgment is the unlimited excellation of our sinful nature!! ____ There is no life except it is GOD (ELOHIM) IN US: "FOR THE LIFE (GOD) IS IN THE BLOOD. LEV17:11. God is EXTERNAL to Jesus because though Jehovah is "ALL & IN ALL," there is a point at which Jesus does not extend any farther, though the glorified Jesus now already extends beyond many universes in size, & will grow at incalculable rates: a limited thing next to an unlimited thing is ALWAYS THE SAME SIZE. And you cannot make something unlimited which is not already so from all past eternity. The only sense that Jesus qualifies to be God in God's unlimited & special attributes is the fact that he proceeded from God's mind from all past eternity, but his begetting did not occur until God spoke that mind of his which is called the beginning of the logos in John 1:1. This is what Genesis 1:1 refers to the heavens & earth: as God saw the end from the beginning, & begat his son to be the new universe to replace this old one. God needed a creature or creation to be pleased with & as a means to find pleasure in every other life form as well. ONLY begotten means that Jesus alone proceeded from the Father, & the reason we're not qualified to say God begat us, is because every other creature is Begotten by the son, including Lucifer in ISA14:12, calling him "son of the morning." This is the old testament terminology for "the bright morning star," when he was still only the word, & not sentiently aware that he existed, & also kept secret from the devil, as Paul said in ROMANS 16:25. Satan thought he had stolen all the pleasure & free gifts from the kingdom, until the day satan saw the manifestation of the son of God now glorified in REV1:13-16. Then satan gnashed his teeth in rage & torment at the thought of what he had done to his true father. So now to bury our knowledge of Jesus, satan tries to make Jesus into the ultimate father, the PANTOCRATOR! This in turn denies & buries the true revelation of Jehovah as the Almighty.

___ God the Father is one God but his triune nature did not always have temples for the other 2 members. The co-equal aspect of the trinity is in the fact that it all originates in God, but the temples involved, the souls & bodies are not all equal. So there is God the father, God the son & God the Holy Spirit, but the temples are created & the persons of the son & Holy Spirit are created in that the word was begotten, then the temples of the Holy Spirit were chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. EPH1:4. So that only God the Father is as whom the antichrist says regarding Jesus: that he is without beginning or limit or measure & that all he is he always was, & is & is to come. God calls himself by his son's identity the word, because God's tongue is the "ready writer" which wrote the book of life, which is the very logos himself. So it consists totally of God, & is God because it continues to be sustained solely by God as the identity of his son. Likewise the church as the many membered body has an identity originating in God the father, as "God the Holy Spirit:" & this is the "joy" which we pray to be "restored to" in PSALM 51, though we have never had that joy even from our conception. It is a joy we can only taste of in the new birth which is without sin, because the seed by which we are reborn (of the spirit John3:3) cannot sin & remains in us for it is born of God. The more we develop this Holy seed of the original joy we had with God from before the foundation of the world, the more we are "actually forgiven" (not merely imputed) & taste the power of the word to come. HEB6:6 tells us that if we fall away after coming to this level of enlightenment there is no more hope of salvation & that everything after that only crucifys Jesus "afresh" & puts him to an "open shame." God warns his people to take heed because after the angels fell, though being pushed into it by being cast out by devil's tail, (Greek "oora,") they were not spared, God says. Once a person becomes considered as "born again," they are less & less "conceived in sin" & so they are less able to use PSALM51:5 as a plee deal for why they sinned. That verse is a means to sue God for salvation, because who else conceived us in sin, but God? For he creates the good & evil, although it wasn't his will in the beginning, & so all evil is on account of tye evil one, satan. God is said to do the devil's works insofar as he decides how it all manifests & alone retains the power to keep the devil funded with his original anointing which is without revocation until his judgment day. ISA14:10, when he's made "weak as we."

___  God says that it's not wise to "stick in the birth canal," meaning that it's never a good idea to be slow in our growth process with God in our new birth.

Isa 37:3 And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth.

There is a sin put in us by the deep in the "bowels" of our souls which takes a very powerful light from God to know is there. We must pay for rent on this earth & in our bodies with ongoing prayer & reciting of the word: so the faith it took to write those scriptures get planted in us & grows & develops into a tree of faith. After Samson was forgotten in the mill grinding corn, his hair began to grow. He asked a little child to lead him to the pillars of the temple. Sometimes we need to ask the little child in us what is the pillars of satan’s kingdom. I think it is the co-equal Trinity: I think that is satan’s attempt to get us to tear down our house with our own hands, by banishing our very husband Jesus by instead making him out to be his Father. Though Jesus stay with us, forgiving us for we know not we do, how long will he endure being described as his Father as far as the substance of what it means to be PANTOCRATOR?

____  God's temple the 600, always existed & is so called after the number 6, because he made man on the 6th day, & because it's the foundation of the new Jerusalem which is sardius (God's color in REV4:3) - the 6th foundation. 6 is the number for materialism as our bodies are the centers of our whole life in merchandise & material appreciation. 600 is symbolic for unlimited power & area, & is therefore unreachable by us without a mediator. Jesus is the only one designed to be the mediator: being made "so much better than the angels," & is designated as the 60. This illustrates his middleman nature "between God and man," & while all angels, saints & innumerable human species of the whole new universe all amount to ONLY 6 as the many membered body or temple of the Holy Spirit, Jesus singlehandedly is a WHOLE 60: which is so much greater than anyone but God himself could calculate, as far as what the symbolism of the 666 equates into.

___ So now you may ask then where is the damning aspect of it, if it is all holy & good & something so belonging to the redeemed. But no one, not even one so holy as to be sinless like Jesus, (if that were possible but it isn't,) can approach God without the mediator. The 666 is the denial & rejection of the mediator because it is taught from the standpoint of the so called coequal trinity, & even if it wasn't taught except in perfectly true Biblical ways, no one is authorized to take the image of God as a SACRAMENT without contracting the worst possible punishment thereafter. The mark of the beast is a sacramental mark given through the authority of the pope, & given in fullest unity with satan, his devils & under the deception that we have alien brothers and sisters throughout our fallen universe. We are hardly able to take the body of Jesus worthily & when Jesus who is God true & only genetic son took the wrathful marks of God's own image upon his body for our transgressions, he said "if this effect be done in the green tree what will it do in the dry tree?" -- i.e. the church. Jesus had to be "made perfect" & fully equalized with God his Father to be in his presence without limits or measure.

___ The mark of the beast is the putting upon fallen & rank sinners the very same mark satan inherited when he was holy & was able (ONLY WHILE HE WAS STILL HOLY) to easily & joyfully bear that mark without any sin or heaviness. Now that same mark is pushing satan away from God like lightning farther & farther every moment forevermore! The mark of God upon sinners is the like ultimate Boulder grinding their souls to powder, making them so super infinitely unholy & sinful in step with satan himself, that it is worthy of a punishment greater than can be calculated.

_____  I still intend to go, but I'm still a little bit in need of overcoming a cough. So I hope my candid thoughts here will be given in the spirit of love though I'm placing "speaking the truth in love" first & foremost as being "in love with the truth itself" rather than the subject to whom it is given. There is also the aspect of love to Jesus foremost as the litmus test of "passing from death to life," because he is the brother whom we must love as the standard of loving all other brothers & sisters. Some thought Jesus was a hard man, & so were afraid to improve on their talents. But Jesus was far from being impressed & wasn't delicate at all in how he took their few Talents & gave it to those who made use of them TO IMPROVE ON GOD'S GIFTS. God wants from us what he cannot get straight from himself which is the PRODUCT that we produce. He also made how well we feed the sheep the measure of how much we love him as our Saviour.

_I think overall CHURCH as it is, though  based on scripture, & logic, has aspects of it which are not very solidly built on the FOUNDATION OF THE PROPHETS & APOSTLES & JESUS as the very cornerstone. It says to LABOR IN THE WORD & DOCTRINE, for which cause elders are to be given DOUBLE HONOR. 1TIM5:17.  It is also in my feeling of it, (& the Lord also asks our opinion which is the Greek word glory,) not conducive to a sufficiently productive flow of the Holy Spirit. Jesus kept warning us of the leaven of the pharisees. Then the disciples figured out Jesus meant doctrine which has a yeast like rising effect to it. Jesus then said their father is the anointed angel which is their blindness to sin & covering from conviction & source of false cleansing: THIS IS WHY JESUS CALLED SATAN'S DOCTRINE A "LEAVEN."

Paul says God is the only power that exists, & so one cannot tell where their power is coming from if it does not have a solid foundation in the holy scriptures. It is ALL at some point "power from on high" simply because Paul says GOD IS THE ONLY POWER THAT EXISTS! ROM13:1. So Jesus says in JOHN7:17 that we will know him by his doctrine if we are doing God's will. Though Jesus is the very anointed one, far above the anointed angel, yet Jesus did not say we will know him by his anointing. I've heard pentecostal groups say "they know they're saved because they still have the anointing." If that were true then satan himself is STILL SAVED because he won't lose the anointing until ISAIAH 14:10 when we'll say, "are you become weak as we?"

Jesus said you will know them by their fruits which also entails teaching God's word accurately, not just whether or not there is gross outward sins. Jesus mentioned how many would come to him saying they did many wonderful works which only a real anointing & power from on high could do, & yet Jesus said he never knew them. The gold standard of tithes is in the message at the pulpit, as God calls it "meat in mine house," & says for which CAUSE he will open the windows of heaven & pour out a blessing for which we have no room. God says his house is a house of prayer not of brick & mortar. He says, "is it time for you to dwell in & fix your ceiled houses but my real house of prayer for all people lays waste?" This could mean dwelling on the material aspect of the church & it's place on the map. God is calling his house something that isn't physical real estate at all. It is a spiritual concept & condition & church is supposed to be patterned after the new Jerusalem whose gates are never shut, because the angel calls it "the bride, the Lamb's wife." ●●●●  The whole church standard (of the world in general) in my estimation is patterned rather after Rome which Jesus calls the seat of satan, & I do not think the core doctrine of the coequal trinity is scriptural & it is even the basis of those chick tracts which they pretend are so anti catholic, (which is why they portray God as ONLY JESUS ON 1 THRONE) but are really just a diversion so people will rest content thinking they successfully became protestant when they are as much catholic in God's estimations as if they were full blown Jesuits!

__ That being said I think the church should first & foremost be based on a sincere unbiased seeking of the Lord & the inquiry of one another's opinions in the matter.  ALSO, you should bring it up to church counsel. I don't believe in a simple spreading of the name of Jesus & call it evangelism just because we want it to be sufficient: saying so doesn't make it so. ===  Teaching Jesus to the world must be a scriptural based doctrine stating that he is sent by the Father who is greater than the son, & EXPLAIN "HOW" that Jesus is God: because he is the word who is God speaking that word & which happened in what is the "beginning." The origin of Jesus is from everlasting because the word is God speaking his mind,, which made the word a creation though it remained God because it consists only of God. This is why God says in REV1:8, I am Alpha & omega the beginning & end." This is referring to "the word which is the beginning of the creation of God," & the end of it which is his death on the cross.. John specifically stated that Jesus "WAS NOT YET GLORIFIED" until JOHN14:12 when he would be empowered with almighty unlimited power & "receive gifts for all men." EPH4:8. **Satan's big effort is to deny Jesus by doctrine though not in name, & thereby remove Jesus from his office as mediator. This is the pope's wearing of sheep's clothing.* The bright morning star is a relatively new event that did not take place until beginning at the resurrection when Jesus was already showing signs of being on a new higher level: then it was completed upon "going to his father" to be glorified by his ascension. Jesus shed his whole humanity as the word made flesh on us, along with his blood, which is why it says God is also the "ending," i.e. the sacrifice of his son's life.

__ Church should be a house of prayer for all people & that when Jesus said they made it into a den of thieves it was mainly a parabolic statement saying that whatsoever we don't get through prayer but walk in it as if "taking & owning it" is stealing from the Lord. God calls prayer buying from him in ISAIAH 55:1-3, & it is the only form of money that heaven knows of. __ That being said, the structure of the day of worship in the church is something I don't feel completely edified by. AS TO MY PERSONAL REASONS, I believe It should start with prayer as a group effort, perhaps an hour with personal help if needed to get started, then the Sunday school should be an unbroken segment of the whole church service, perhaps a solid half hour but concentrated & directly to the point, & leave the basement for other uses in the wider ongoing use of the building during times when there's no services. The singing time should be called just that, & though we can worship God in song, when we do it, it shouldn't feel unnatural for anyone as if it's something they're not up to. God says "we must lead the flock as they are able to endure." GEN33:14.

Paul says comfort the feebleminded or faint-hearted & support the weak, not weary them with lots of song & dance.

Showing off one's music skills is not always going to be edifying to all the church members. I think church singers & players should be a little more thoughtful of those who have to hear it & not belt out songs like some rock star just because they are personally entertained by it & think everyone is very impressed by the loudness of it. Some people have mental conditions too like autism which is troubled by loud boisterous music. Church is in the first place a MINISTRY not a rock & roll festival. I also don't feel good about the way we take up offerings like we're trying to psychologically make a connection between the offering table & the ark of the covenant, making it seem extra important. Sorry to I think EC church is too stuck in the past & wants what worked 40 years ago to keep working today though God moved on with it a long time ago already. Pastor Smith said 'that it's hard to tell if the spirit leaves because like when the bird flies away the branch keeps moving.' I think that "branch" which keeps moving is the organization of the church itself. Don Hansen told me they backslid which is why the Lord didn't know them, yet Jesus said he "never" knew them. Paul says you can't lose the anointing once you get it, because "the gifts & calling of God is without repentance/revocation." --- This also makes very lukewarm church members with old anointings they got way back then, but are still feeding on it as if that is all God ever intended. Jesus said "they DIDN'T KNOW that they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind & naked," WHY? Because they all had too much zeal for the forms of godliness but didn't care about WHY Jesus calls himself the beginning of the creation of God, & they lacked no anointing or power to work miracles. Their sermons were filled with all the wisdom of all the finest details of God's word but sidestepped the real issue: WHO & WHAT EXACTLY & EXPLICITLY IS JESUS CHRIST. They were not determined to know nothing save Jesus and him crucified. They sterilized their statements of Jesus with catholic canon law & didn't offer any explanation to verify if any of it was true.

If you read John Bunyan's book the water of life, he says that the spirit of grace must be a "continual gliding stream," & "we shall soon stink if not refilled from vessel to vessel." These were some of his oldest works before his death, but perhaps his last book is the broken & contrite heart. God says he is not even impressed by his own heavens, he says, & must humble himself just to behold what's done in heaven & earth. PSA113:6. But a broken & contrite heart God says impresses him very much. ___ ISAIAH66:::

1  Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?

2  For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

2nd part 

____ I get the conclusion after applying all scriptures I know of regarding it, that Jesus is the first & only son to proceed & originate directly from the father without a mediator. All other sons were created through the mediator. This makes Jesus the logos "made so much better than the angels." The word "better" here means incalculably better. The logos is referred to as the "morning," which is a term that is part of "morning star," which refers to angels. Jesus is the pattern design of all angels, & also called the "womb of the morning," for without him was nothing made that was made.

__ Then the question is how could he be made himself when nothing was made without him? Or do things only attributed to God? He is the deliverer of God's works, so that though God does it, it is only done in the son until the son also does it in showing it, manifesting & delivering it. Though God send his angel to signify revelation to us, unless the son then send that angel, that angel, Michael the angel, won't be sent. This is why there are curiously so many plagues that will take place during the great tribulation, also called the time of Jacob’s trouble, because the when the RAPTURE HAPPENS in REV14: as Jesus is sitting on the cloud, & thrusts in his sickle, upon reaping his saved personnel for heaven, he also goes up with them. Jesus is GOD WITH US, so when he leaves, as relatively few appreciated or discerned his presence, since he is also called THE EARTH, this earth becomes more like the rest of the planets in the universe which are all like the ones in this solar system: terrifying & barren of suitable accommodation. Jesus is the one keeping the asteroids called burning mountains, from crashing into the sea, & keeping the demons now buried like in the great river Euphrates from being released. All hell breaks loose during the tribulation because the mediator we esteemed as no different in office or function than the father, was taken away.

__  MIC5:2 that states that Jesus’s origin (goings) is from everlasting. This means that the design & person of the son was always in the father in seed & thought  format. The knowledge & desire & need God has always had for a son is from everlasting. So God's mind being almighty & all knowing was able to generate his only genetic son from God's mind into what is the LOGOS which means something spoken. Jesus in this form is pure almighty faith, & as faith is described in Bible terminology as BONES, Jesus is the pattern for how God took woman from man, as a bone: but precisely a rib which denotes that Jesus is the protector of God's heart, which is his kingdom. This is why John1:18 says, "he alone is in the bosom of the Father who can declare God to us." This now makes Jesus the womb of the morning, & mother of all living, who consists all things, & without whom nothing is made that is made. The word made is said twice, because we make things in our hearts, most of which are not brought to pass: so it takes God bringing it to pass through his son (in some design for it God finds in his son) in order for it to succeed. You might ask, then doesn't sin also proceed from Jesus? God creates the good & evil, not that he willed or desired it, but that he is the controller of it & allows & orchestrates it in his plan to finally abolish it. One might ask, why then was it allowed at all? Why didn't God avoid creating Lucifer when he saw he would become the devil? Because God also had the unavoidable immutable science by which he himself exists: which makes certain things set on a particular course which must be played out somehow. After Esther had successfully defeated & foiled the plot of wicked Haman, & thought it was all over, the king reluctantly told her that his laws are of the Medes & Persians & therefore CANNOT BE REVERSED. Those who are slated for creation cannot be overturned or prevented in any way, & because satan inherited such a vast anointing making him "the anointed cherub which covers," the authority of that same anointing could not be overturned except by the crucifixion. Then AFTER Jesus had successfully defeated the devil & destroyed his works, it was revealed in REV17-18, that just like with the case of the plans of wicked Haman, satan’s plans must also now continue for an appointed season. But like with the Jews fighting their attackers, with their weapons called Purim, "broken pieces," God has also given us his word, like the jawbone of the ass, or  the foolishness of preaching, though not infallible, to save & deliver those who believe. These things Paul says are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds: as satan is spiritual wickedness in high places, i.e. in the churches. The pope who is the predecessor of the second beast of REV13, speaks like a dragon, meaning with GREAT SUBTLETY & CUNNING WORDS: which is always geared towards "denying father & son" in his antichrist spirit, in order to promote himself to the position of son of God, & equality with God, "sitting in the temple showing himself that he is God:" in the eyes of this fallen world & their failure to discern the Lord's body & his presence. But satan never denies the father & son in word, but only in DOCTRINE Jesus calls the LEAVEN OF THE PHARISEES. The pope has said "he doesn't water down the Lord's Supper," but what else could this mean but he seeks to turn the body of Jesus into the body of the Father. Satan denies God has a body, which is the image in which the human body is made, but instead makes that out to be a nebulous form resting more on inner character & attributes than on our actual human outward form. So satan claims Jesus is the very most high Elohim himself, & in so doing, this makes satan take the position & authority of son of God in the world. The mark of the beast, though coming in no other than the beast, who is satan’s main fallen angel, who also started the catholic religion which is the mother of all other religions & sins in the world, is really the original mark God placed on Haylale/Lucifer in the day he made him "perfect in all his ways." There is no sin but what is against God, so the greater the gifts, callings & blessings, the greater capacity one has to sin. The mark of the beast is therefore the receiving of the body of Jehovah as a sacramental mark & permanent presence in such a way that only belongs to a holy angel, & this is because the church has not received Jesus as mediator, & so God will give out himself without Jesus’s Intercession & so punish those persons & angels who take him thus, to the fullest extent satan himself deserves. This is also why in REV14, "they will be tormented IN THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY ANGELS & LAMB," because it's a mark only for those who are of that highest & sinless rank & for those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. I can imagine people now reading this & saying this guy thinks we're all getting the mark of the beast in heaven, BUT IT ISN'T INHERENTLY OF THE BEAST any more than the Lord's Supper is of the pope! Paul says the very BODY & BLOOD OF JESUS can be the very cause of damnation if taken unworthily & make us contract the same guilt of the devil for crucifying the Lord of glory! The active ingredient of the Lord's Supper is his body & blood & the active ingredient of the so called mark of the beast, (because of who officiates that mass =the 2nd beast) is the image/body of God, the gospel of Christ. 2COR4:4. Since we are scarcely worthy to receive Jesus though broken into "threescore" for our sins, (as KJV REV13:18 calls it,) we are not only infinitely more unworthy to receive God's image who was not broken for us, but not even authorized to do so as well as forbidden to do so, as we are forbidden from eating the tree of life also directly, except in the essence of it by Jesus personally feeding it to us, as tasting the power of the world to come.

__  The mark is evil because it makes merchandise of God's image by including only his TEMPLE ASPECT, which is what "6" means because our bodies were made on the 6th day in the color of God, jasper sardius, REV4:3, & so the 6th foundation of the new Jerusalem is sardius. So 600, 60 & 6 represent the fact that the Holy Trinity is HIERARCHY NOT EQUAL: which would mean we have no place in God, IF WE HIS CHURCH THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WERE NOT ORDAINED AS THE THIRD PERSON. The end purpose of all sin is TO CUT US OFF FROM GOD, by making the Trinity separate from us & only a mark upon us. REV20:11 sums up the reason why people are damned, because "they fled from God's face," instead of seeking his face. As soon as Adam sinned, he HID HIMSELF FROM GOD. That is precisely why it says in REV20:11 that people have no place in God, because they spent their lives fleeing from his presence in the souls & bodies. Unto God our flesh must come also, or we can never be washed from vile sin & uncleanness. God's word is a fountain for cleansing us from sin: & produces faith necessary to purify our hearts, though our sins be red as crimson.

__ God creates by first speaking, so the speaking itself is a creation. When we design something on paper, it's not the material item but that in itself is part of our creating it. PSALMS says "my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." That is how God's tongue is, but God never makes a mistake or needs time or "trial & error" to improve on anything, so his first creation is always his best.

____ satan sort of got that fact as he didn't see any other angel as great as himself, but he didn't understand that God doesn't need to actually bring a creature or  creation in general to any manifestation in order to declare it finished & fully existing, because he calls those things which be not as though they are. ROM.4:17. He also can make it remain secret, especially to those like satan who have wicked intents & will use any knowledge they can against God, as ROM.16:25 says.

__ so satan didn't know he wasn't the son of God because God didn't reveal his SON to him, which is why he so vehemently condemned Jesus for making himself son of God. Satan made Ceasar his mascot & so said there is no king but Ceasar, meaning God has no son but satan, played by wicked Haman in Esther. ---  In reality satan is the son of the morning, & Jesus is the morning which is now advanced into "bright morning star." This means satan is in a very real sense originally the son of the son of God, though not being begotten by the Spirit, which term "Spirit" refers to Jesus "the Spirit speaking to the churches." This is why we can call Jesus our everlasting Father in real time actuality, but Paul says we are only adopted to being sons of God. Jehovah is Jesus’s Father but made "our father" only by adoption. But when born again, John says Jesus knows us, which is why it says "his seed remains in us, & we cannot sin (unto death) because we are born of God," i.e. from above. 

Because we are immediately upon being born again sons of Jesus, but we can't be full-featured sons of God until we meet him face to face, upon which time God "finishes his good work he begun in us."

____  To know & teach the difference between the father & son is the only way to convince the world of sin, & the failure to do so is the reason why there's so much racism. Satan sees the color of God's image is JASPER SARDIUS REV4:3, which is probably closer to African, & so satan has retaliated in his insanity by getting the world to treat black people with extra cruelty or putting special sins on their souls, though does the same in various ways to everyone. The FATHER JEHOVAH which is the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH is the most denied & unknown person in the world. 

The word ELIJAH means "MY GOD IS JEHOVAH."

____ Lucifer being the son of the  morning in ISA14:12 means Jesus was crucified by his original son, which made Jesus exceedingly sorrowful even unto death. God also knew that this morning star called Haylale or Lucifer would sin, though he created him perfect in all his ways, such as intent, & it was God's will that he would remain saved as well as all angels & humans. This is a strange mystery because it reflects on God's existence in a way which shows his existence is of a force we can't find out, for the simple reason that though God could have foreknowledge of what satan would do though not causing it, he could not avoid creating him, but instead instituted a plan in the very begetting of the logos, in order to destroy the works of the devil.

___ This plan was a very top secret & sensitive thing, which is why there was an old testament, & which was filled with dark sayings & parables which only the enlightened elite of God could disipher & was even off limits to satan, because he was so blinded by his sins & bloodlust. God needed satan to crucify the Lord of glory, because it fulfilled GEN9:6 which is a prophecy of how God would shed the blood (anointing) of the devil & put him out of office. Satan was in office with the authority of his position as son of the morning until the death & resurrection: this is why Paul calls it the ministration of death, & why God's commandment to love one another was not yet in force, but instead the Jews were told to go into all the world to slay each unbeliever by the sword & leave nothing alive that breathes. This later culminated in satan having had so much development of bloodlust, that like a drug addict, when faced with the ultimatum quit or die, he chose go ahead & crucify the Lord of glory. He thought his fury & ruthlessly gaping upon Jesus, PSALM22:13 would make him win, & cast Jesus out of his holy status even as he cast out a third of the angels. The devils were not so blinded by sin & controlled by bloodlust so they tried to make satan choose not to crucify Jesus by giving Pilate’s wife a nightmare in which she "suffered many things because of that just man," but this threat only made satan more angry & determined to do his worst on Jesus. The Jews were mass possessed to crucify Jesus, & their saying "if you be the son of God come down from the cross" was satan’s actual pulling on Jesus trying to cast him off the cross, as he cast out a third of the angels. Satan no doubt used psychological warfare on Jesus especially in his last moments, probably telling him "you sinned, God saw some small error in your sacrifice & now has to forsake you forever." This would be in accordance to satan’s nature in having no decency in how he handles any of us. This would have been like a final wound upon Jesus’s mind which made him inquire to God "why" have you forsaken me?

--__ Satan wasn't condemned to the lake of fire until he touched God's anointed on the cross while he was being tormented & afflicted by God & forsaken, which is what shedding his blood also meant, because there was a physical & spiritual shedding of blood.  No one was tormented in hell or destined for the lake of fire until Jesus died on the cross. Had Jesus refused his mission & called 12 legions of angels to steal him away from the devil, satan would have never been punished, there would have never been a new universe, & this old universe would have eventually died off after many eons & replaced by a prosthetic universe manufactured in the factories of the fallen angels, which is where the UFOS come from. God would not be able to avoid filling the universe with an innumerable number of souls, anymore than he was able to avoid creating the devil. These souls would have lived forever as toys for the devil & never would have known their true creator the Elohim. Needless to say, the importance of Jesus obeying the father was so weighty & necessary it was being all calculations!!

-- JESUS’S BLOOD IS GOD because God is HIS FATHER, & God wasn't any one else's father until we inherited God through the son. Even the Holy angels were not in the kingdom until Jesus died on the cross, meaning they could not know God's inner heart which is the kingdom. Only Jesus was in God's inner heart, in the bosom of the Father & so only Jesus could declare him. No one knew God was not only loving but love itself until Jesus came & told us, which made satan & the pharisees very angry.

___ God is the life in all blood LEV17:11 says, & so when Jesus lost that life it was essentially damnation, which "death" he tasted for every man. When satan saw the burial shroud folded up in the tomb, satan, who excels in technology, as his mind is like a super computer, he scanned the shroud for images & to analyze what God did, knowing how God also wrote on the tables of stone. When satan recognized his face at the end of the serpent shaped haircut of Jesus & then his face stripped of all it's glorious wealth & money symbols no longer on his forehead, burning in the lake of fire on the lower back of Jesus, with fire & smoke billowing from his eyes & a look of torment on his face, this made satan fly into a terrible rage so great it has consumed him since that time! Satan has tried everything in his power to destroy that cloth, but can't though it was allegedly often tested by being boiled in oil, washed, & burned but couldn't be destroyed. It was in a silver casket which melted at 1750° but wasn't destroyed except in the shoulders.

-- in the old testament, satan wasn't in a rage or anything but enjoying his "matter of fact" bloodlust empowering the Jews to murder the world, (God even delivered satan’s mandates in commands to Moses to kill all men women and children) sometimes in very terrible ways, chopping & cutting them up & running them through brick kilns. God said to satan without satan’s knowledge it was about him, PS50:21, "YOU THOUGHT I WAS ALTOGETHER SUCH AN ONE AS YOURSELF, BUT I WILL REPROVE YOU & SET YOUR SINS IN ORDER BEFORE YOU." This event happened at the crucifixion, during which time satan touched the "apple" (pupil) of God's eye, meaning God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, & was "crucified with Christ."

___ the very first words of the Bible is a parable of God crucifying Jesus which he calls the (new) heavens & earth though he created this old universe first, because God sees the end from the beginning. So God saw the vastness of his glorified son, & so called him the heavens and earth/the planets. The Hebrew language has in the word "created" a definition "to cut down wood," which is the tree Jesus died on. So the cross symbolizes the church Jesus called the dry tree, & we were chosen in Christ from the foundation of the world. EPH1:4. The Hebrew language is God's foundation language, & describes things which are very theological in description, such as "purge me with hyssop" refers to Jesus being made sin for us. 2COR5:21.

__ PSALM 51:7 "purge" curiously means to miss the mark, to have guilt, but to also be cleansed. What else could this mean but to be made members of Jesus’s body flesh and bones, as made to be of what he made to be for us?


Original: חטא

Transliteration: châṭâ'

Phonetic: khaw-taw'

BDB Definition:

to sin, miss, miss the way, go wrong, incur guilt, forfeit, purify from uncleanness